Kansas City Internet Radio Station Helps Singer Songwriters, Musicians and Groups Get Airplay Acoustic to Jazz and Build Their Fan Base

http://KCcafeRadio.com is looking for talented area singer songwriters, musicians and groups looking for airplay. Take a listen and share your music. Visit the site's share your music page for complete details.

Kansas City, MO, August 18, 2008 --(PR.com)-- KCcafeRadio.com is looking for talented area artists for airplay.

They're looking to find local and regional talent that is looking for air play on Kansas City internet radio.

KC Cafe Radio is a fast growing station with a focus on singer songwriters, musicians and groups in a wide variety of musical genres. Everything from acoustic, folk, light rock, jazz, funk and fusion.

Mark Riddle from http://www.KCcafeRadio.com said "Our goal is to create a bridge between performing artists and the people who are hungry for new and unique musical entertainment. These are the same people who regularly visit coffee shops and other local venues in search of such talent. They are tired of the monotonous entertainment that is repetitiously served up by the mainstream media, and are desperately seeking new sounds and experiences they can relate with and enjoy as their own."

On the same front is the independent performing artist, who is seeking those individuals who appreciate his or her talent, but find it difficult to “get the word out” about that talent. Many of these individuals are working with limited resources, most of which is spent on performance or recording expenses.

Mark Riddle from http://www.KCcafeRadio.com added "We are a small group that has been throwing this idea around among ourselves for several years. We are musicians, broadcast professionals, web developers, businessmen and women, entrepreneurs and marketers. First and foremost, however, we are passionate about the excellent and abundant talent that is available right in our own neighborhood. We encourage you to join us on this quest to share this talent with the world!"

Now internet radio is now entering the domain of experienced broadcasters looking to promote music that isn’t along the "party line" of their conglomerate owned, this station sounds like the rest of the world station.

While commercial radio was fast asleep, Music choices are again being made by Local program directors and focusing on local singers, songwriters, musicians, and groups. Sounds of Kansas City acoustic and folk are again hitting the air waves Isn’t it refreshing for the talents of local people are again able to take center stage. The Creators of the unique station have found the ultimate concept in local focus radio.

While the conglomerates spend countless millions on billboards, TV ads and focus groups, this group of pioneers has found what can easily be described as the last hope for both radio in general and internet radio specifically.

Even with David Cook (also a local boy does good) being from the "burbs" of This station.

Their focus is not on the American Idol winner, but on those consummate local legends that you hear playing around town and ask yourself why they aren’t on the radio.

Well now they are. And they looking to add to there growing list of talent To find out more about this great Service, please visit http://www.KCcafeRadio.com.

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