Energy Optimizers: Wireless Energy Management via Mobiles and PCs

"Plogg" Bluetooth smart power meter enables wireless energy management via PCs, mobiles and PDAs.

Grimsby, United Kingdom, August 16, 2008 --( The world's first smart power meter to provide wireless data delivery to PCs, laptops, smart phones and PDAs has been launched by Energy Optimizers. A simple plug-in device that can be connected between an electrical appliance or multi-way adaptor and the mains power socket, Plogg Blu allows the electricity consumption of appliances to be checked in real time, monitored over a longer period, and even controlled remotely via Bluetooth from anywhere in a building.

Plogg Blu combines highly accurate measurement of a wide range of instantaneous energy use data — including current, voltage, power consumption in watts, and electricity cost per hour — with a powerful data logging capability, allowing energy use patterns over time and cumulative energy consumption (kWh) to be monitored. Integrated Bluetooth transfers all data to a host PC or mobile device for viewing, analysis and storage.

Should wasteful or unnecessary energy use be discovered, remote switching allows all connected appliances to be turned off/on instantly or automatically using four separate timers controlled from the host PC or mobile.

Energy Optimizers' Plogg Manager software interface uses an intuitive menu system and bar charts to provide at-a-glance analysis and comparison of different energy use parameters, even on a small mobile display. Logging intervals, local electricity tariffs and appliance names can be entered and edited easily on screen. Energy data can also be imported into Excel for further manipulation and to create customized graphical representations.

Besides keeping an eye on energy consumption, Plogg can also monitor and log over time the energy contribution of small-scale local AC generators such as photovoltaic solar panels and wind turbines, supplementing the kWh reading provided only as a visual display by the proprietary system.

"Plogg is the smart energy saving technology of the future, available today," said Shaun Merrick, General Manager of Energy Optimizers. "With today's energy prices, Plogg can pay for itself quickly by identifying possible energy savings. Because energy prices are likely to continue to rise, its value will increase further over time."

Plogg's simple plug-and-socket design allows easy installation even in locations with difficult access. Plogg Blu is priced at GBP 55 (excluding VAT).

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