Set Sail for Adventure; with the Online Detective Game, Gumshoe Online

Independent Games Developer Hiding Buffalo release the “The Murky Truth”, the fifth mystery in the acclaimed Gumshoe Online detective series.

Dundee, United Kingdom, May 02, 2006 --( Set sail on a journey of adventure, betrayal and murder in the latest Gumshoe Online mystery, "The Murky Truth". Detectives will need all their powers of deduction to unravel this tale of piracy on the high seas.

Set in the crime ridden world of 1930's America, Gumshoe Online blends the tense, claustrophobic feel of the ‘film noir’ thriller with the thought based gameplay of the point and click adventure game; creating a unique title that appeals to adventure gamers, internet users and fans of the crime and mystery genre.

Played using a standard web browser, “Gumshoe Online is a low-tech alternative to modern games; bringing old school adventure gaming to anyone with an internet connection” said Niclas Kjellin, the game’s co-founder. He continued to say, “This is our fifth mystery and that really shows Gumshoe Online’s longevity. As long as we keep devising new crimes, I’m sure people will keep coming back to solve them”.

To solve “The Murky Truth” you’ll have to swap the dark, dangerous streets of Wheaton City for the cabins and gangways of a luxury cruise liner. Working for Theodore Nash, the ship’s flamboyant owner; you must unmask a gang of ruthless pirates and clear your employer of any involvement in their acts of piracy.

Inside “The Murky Truth”, you’ll discover:
• Approximately 6-9 hours gameplay.
• Over 170 clues to unearth.
• More than 130 rooms to explore, spread across 5 locations.
• The chance to interrogate 25 new characters.
• 14 mind bending puzzles to solve.
• Over 1200 items to examine.

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