Half Million Dollar Custom Home Made Mostly with Earth to be Raffled

Super Strong, Energy Efficient, Custom Green Home Raffle Will Raise Funds to Build Affordable Housing.

Charleston, SC, August 17, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Aeonian Brick Homes of South Carolina, LLC and the Charleston Area Community Development Corporation have agreed to build an unlimited number of affordable homes in the Charleston area with a new building material made from an abundant source, the earth. This project will start by building three homes per month and increase to twenty homes per month by the end of the first year. To accomplish this goal, the Charleston Area Community Development Corporation will have to expand their operation. This will be made possible by holding a raffle for a new kind of home that is strong, durable, energy efficient and maintenance free. www.aeonianbricks.com

The new building material combines modern chemistry with a centuries old brick making process of compressing dirt and clay together. With a safe, environmentally friendly process, the clay is water stabilized. It will no longer expand when wet or contract when dry, ever. The clay and earth is then compressed into an interlocking shape with tremendous force. No firing is required, which saves huge amounts of energy in the manufacturing process and produces no pollution.

Testing conducted by independent certified testing laboratories have shown that a wall built with these new “interlocking earth bricks” will withstand 240 mph winds with no structural damage. They are also fire, flood and termite proof. All walls in the home are made with bricks, which eliminates all wood, insulation and drywall in the home (the three main causes of mold and mildew). The side of the brick is smooth as glass, and can be sprayed to look like drywall, wall papered or textured and painted. The exterior walls are sprayed with a textured material that can take on the appearance of stucco, brick, wood planking or any look desired. The homes will save vast amounts of energy with an R-45 thermal mass and an R-20 heat resistance. To complete the home, a concrete roof system is used that has a 300 mph wind resistance and is also fire and insect proof while providing superior insulation qualities. All this and more at no extra cost.

Don Blalock, President and Founder of the company stated, “Homes built today, even with volumes of building codes, are weaker and have more problems than homes that were built one hundred years ago. A young couple buying a new home today will spend more money on maintenance, repairs and wasted energy over the life of the mortgage than the purchase price of the home!”

With gas prices high, our dependency on foreign oil, global warming concerns, and an increasing trend towards building “Green” with conservation of our resources, these new Aeonian Brick Homes could be the answer to many problems, including the homes being destroyed daily by fires, floods, high winds and insects. We could see oil and wood dependency replaced with an easily acquired resource, the earth beneath our feet. Instead of building homes that last a generation or two, we can build homes that will last for centuries.

The raffle will be for a custom built home with a value of $500,000 or cash. Donations are $25 per ticket.

You can inquire for more information or enter the raffle at www.aeonianbricks.com

Interview Contact: Don Blalock, Inventor and CEO, Aeonian Brick Homes of S.C., LLC
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