Coming Your Way: Extra Strength Website Relief

Resolving your website headaches is as easy as taking two aspirin and calling your website doctor in the morning. Typos, spellos, grammaros... not a problem. Web design, web hosting, auto responders... not a problem.

Coming Your Way: Extra Strength Website Relief
Canal Winchester, OH, May 03, 2006 --( We know. You probably didn't think spellos or grammaros were real words, right? Well, all right, we admit it. We made up spellos and grammaros just for fun. But what is NOT fun is what these errors can do or, more importantly, not do to your website. For instance, you probably know that English is the most widely recognized language on the internet today. Then, how about this... according to the 11/3/05 report conducted by ClickZ Network, statistically, around 75% of the 1.08 billion worldwide internet business is conducted in English. Whoa. If you're a website owner, those are some serious numbers. So what does that mean in terms of good business?

If your goal is to have your website pay for your kids' college education and you're a bit concerned about your writing or grammar skills, then you've got some options. (1) You can turn the spellchecker back on; (2) run right out and buy a Thesaurus; or (3) consult an expert. We don't know about you, but those red and green lines have always driven us crazy! Also, how can you buy a thesoarus, um, Thesaurus when you don't even know how to spell it? And while we're talking about grammar, who can remember the difference between a split infinitive and a past participle anyway?

Before you grab those two aspirins, we've got good news. Fortunately for all of us, the experts have just launched a fast and inexpensive fix that will take care of all of our website headaches.

The concept for was born one sleepless night in the mind of its founder, Beth Price. Ever since she was a very young child, Beth read voraciously and for years she faithfully corrected her friends, family, co-workers and general members of the public in their misuse of the spoken or written English language. "As you can imagine," she laughed, "I was losing all my friends! Even at church, no matter how hard I fought the urge, I would occasionally find myself leaning over to my best friend and whispering in her ear the typo in the worship song up on the screen." Then on that sleepless night she had a brain wave; why not launch a website to help people with their textual content? "I mean, after all, I see them whether I want to or not. So creating this website will not only help others succeed in their business, it will give me a legitimate outlet for my word addiction!" Just so you know, her few remaining friends have all breathed sighs of relief.

Because the first focus of is websites, she collaborated with Jim Wilson of SolutionsD to offer website and hosting services. From Jim's perspective, it made perfect sense to combine his talents for website design with an editing or proofreading aspect. "All of my friends know that English is NOT my forte!" said Jim. "This is exactly the kind of help I needed to round out service to my clients."

Having established the basic website and auto responder services to be offered, it was an easy step for these entrepreneurs to include text editing of any kind as the second arm of their business focus. In this portion you will find services tailored to meet the needs of small, large or anything in between businesses, budding authors, laboring students or anyone who just needs a bit of help putting their resume together.

There is no question that the internet will continue to grow. Its future is bright with entrepreneurial promise. The flip side, of course, is the competition will grow stiffer. Whether you consider yourself someone who barely scraped through English classes or are learning English as a second language or you just need a fresh pair of eyes to review your content, you can give your business that competitive boost with a textually consistent website. After all, didn't ya know that words are really what make the world go 'round?

Oh, and a quiet word in your ear. We heard that anyone who takes advantage of the services offered by in the first 60 days of its launch can have their web pages edited for the really low cost of $5.00 per clickable page. Wow! That's cheap!

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