Wanted. Home-Grown Plumbers

Due to the number of immigrant workers returning home, there is a high demand for plumbers as the skills gap widens.

Luton, United Kingdom, August 20, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Train 4 Trade Skills are training thousands of `home-grown plumbers’ to take on the work of immigrant workers as eastern European plumbers return home in increasing numbers, leaving Britain with a widening skills gap.

The UK’s leading trade skills trainer, Train 4 Trade Skills says that despite the economic downturn, with tens of thousands of immigrant workers now returning home, by the time the economy recovers, the demand for plumbers will be even higher than before, to take up the skills gap that the eastern Europeans leave behind.

Train 4 Trade Skills’ Marketing Manager Mike Head said “The Polish government has advertised for its workers to return home, specifically targeting those in Britain, and with the economies of other eastern European states improving, while Britain faces a downturn, the attraction of the skills immigrant workers remaining here has plummeted.

“The pound now buys far less at home than it did when many workers first arrived, on top of which, their own currencies have strengthened as the pound has weakened.”

Train 4 Trade Skills are countering the rapid loss of the immigrant workers by training `home-grown’ plumbers, particularly those looking for a mid-life career change, many of whom have families and who cannot afford to attend college or take up a poorly paid apprenticeship.

Train 4 Trade Skills uses a unique blend of written work, PC based e-learning, practical training in workshops and virtual reality training, which enables students to work from home, around existing work and family commitments.

The Train 4 Trade Skills plumbing course offers at least as many workshop hours as conventional college courses, while much of the training is done from interactive computer based learning, which is engaging, motivational and easy to recall in a practical situation.

Mike Head added “We’ve moved with the times in terms of the training techniques that are most effective to teach trade skills and now, as the exodus of immigrant workers continues at a pace, our training techniques are just what Britain needs to train up a new generation of home-grown plumbers.”


Contact Train 4 Trade Skills on 0870 402 1955 or visit www.train4tradeskills.com

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