New Business-in-a-Box Launch Rocks the Print Industry

The Printer-In-A-Box business opportunity and portal system recently launched by is a hot item for marketers on the Net.

Allentown, PA, May 03, 2006 --( is excited to announce the success of its business launch last month.  The past 30 days have netted an amazing:
*327 new dealers
*223 new web sites
*$356,000 in revenue

These numbers are expected to make a steady climb in the upcoming months as more dealers get on board and current dealers get their businesses established.  

PrintingProfits’ Printer-In-A-Box business opportunity and portal system is truly blazing a brand new lifestyle for work-at-home business men and women.

According to the 2000 census, a whopping 4 million Americans are taking their work home!  Frazzled employees look forward to escaping the pressures of the office and are searching for no-mess do-it-yourself business ventures that give them both time and financial freedom.

Allyn Cutts of and , marketing expert, business coach and speaker says that this Work at Home Print Business is exactly what many of today’s marketers are looking for.  It allows them to:

1. Take control of the future
With, the sky is the limit.  They decide how much money they want to make.

2. Cut their stress in half
Dealers can forget about a boss breathing down their neck and hard-to-get-along-with colleagues.  

3. Set their own hours
Many work-at-home entrepreneurs are family oriented people looking for more quality family time.   PrintingProfits is a “match made in heaven” for families.

4. Get smack-dab into the middle of and ever growing market without a lot of upfront money.

5. Avoid high overhead expenses.
PrintingProfits gives all the benefits of $35,000-$350,000 franchises without the high start-up costs.

6. Start their own business without the time and expense of training. easy-to-use and has a highly trained support staff ready to help.

Here’s what new dealers are saying about their experience with PrintingProfits…

"What a great surprise I had this morning when I checked the mail and saw my first check from you for orders I placed last month with your company.  This system is awesome.  I don’t carry any receivables, hassle with credit card fees, or processing risks.  Thanks a lot!!!"

Sanford England
England and Company

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