Golf Fitness Training Helps Injured Pro Get Back in the Game

A wrist injury forced Todd Tison to take two years away from his favorite game. Body Balance for Performance of Atlanta helped him get that game back.

Atlanta, GA, August 21, 2008 --( Todd Tison was an up-and-coming golfer, moving swiftly through the ranks of Nationwide and Tarheel events. That all changed when he injured his wrist, and ended up being unable to play for two years.

With the injury, it seemed that Tison would never be able to get back on track. Then he met Chad Cook of Body Balance for Performance of Atlanta.

"I was out at the Golf Club of Georgia one day helping him set up a tournament," Tison said. "I had a wrist surgery, so I wasn't playing in the tournaments. Chad was down on the range with some other guy and I started looking at what he did, asking him a few questions. About six months later, I called and went in and really liked it, so we started working together."

Tison started in physical therapy for his wrist injury in November 2007. It impressed him how supportive Cook was during their golf fitness training.

"Chad is a really good guy," said Tison. "He knows that for the last couple of years, I haven't gotten to play because of injuries. I'm basically starting all over. He knows my goals and has been really encouraging."

Cook showed him different exercises to help his wrist, and then they moved on to correcting muscle imbalances identified during Tison's golf performance evaluation.

"My pelvic bone is tilted the wrong way," Tison said. "We tilted it back the right way and worked on strengthening it. We're in a corrective phase."

The golf fitness training from Body Balance didn't just make it possible for Tison to start playing golf again. It helped him get back to where he had been before his injury and improved on it.

"The exercises are making a lot of difference," Tison said. "I can tell with the way I stand, the way I walk, the way I set up for the ball. He's helped tighten up my golf swing. My hands and back would get kind of lose during the round. With these exercises, I can feel the strengthening in my back, my legs, and my core. It keeps the swing more consistent later in the round. I'd lose shots to the right late in the round because my back would just get tired. I've really tightened my golf swing up."

Thanks to his work with Body Balance, Tison started playing golf again in March 2008. Now he's playing in the Carolina Series at Myrtle Beach, and is preparing to play for the next 10 out of 13 weeks. Tison hopes to stay healthy and continue playing, and even make it to the PGA.

"It works for me," said Tison of his golf fitness training with Body Balance. "I don't know all the scientific stuff. He says do this and I do it, and it works. I would definitely recommend it."

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