Eco-Friendly Marketing Solutions Products? Don’t Have the Organic Wool Pulled Over Your Eyes.

Philadelphia, PA, August 21, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Seems like everyone is jumping on the go-green bandwagon. And although eco-friendly products like organic apparel are predicted to increase by 40% in the next few years, some items are more prone to being “green-washed” and hold no real eco-friendly value.

With increased focused on earth-friendly totes, organic apparel and recycled material, businesses employing a green-friendly approach need to consider several options before placing their order. Not only should companies look at the actual material of the product, but also how these products are produced and shipped.

In a world gone green, it’s important to recognize all factors when choosing to align a promotional green product to a company’s brand name.

“We have seen clients looking for more responsible products that create a green-approach throughout the entire process. We are looking at all the variables when it comes to manufacturing and shipping products. We have great relationships with US companies that are creating and manufacturing products with higher eco-friendly ethical standards,” says Bill Litton, President of Independent Ad Specialties, Inc.

Mr. Litton believes the trend will continue as more people learn the efficacy behind the origin of eco-friendly products and their journey to their final destination.

Here he suggests the following questions to ask when looking to procure eco-friendly marketing solution products. While these tips are a good place to start, he warns that the purchaser may need to balance of the higher initial cost of a purchasing a certifiable eco-friendly product without necessarily being able to witness the benefits of it directly.

1. How is the product manufactured? Pay attention to both the labor and the process required to manufacture the product. Ask how the product will be transported to you or your customer.

2. Where did the raw materials come from? Is the item recyclable or biodegradable at end of use? Know what the recycle codes on the bottom of plastics mean.

3. Find out how the product claims are verified? Are these items manufactured in a certified organic or have fair trade certification or been certified from Forest Stewardship Council?

One additional recommendation would be to find out if a percentage of the profits go towards environmentally conscious organizations? These steps will help you and your company make the best choices when making a brand statement with your customers. How “green” you go is really up to you.

For additional information, check out iaspromotes.com for additional eco-friendly tips and frequently asked questions.

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