Eco-Friendly Marketing Solutions Products? Don’t Have the Organic Wool Pulled Over Your Eyes.

Seems like everyone is jumping on the go-green bandwagon. And although eco-friendly products like organic apparel are predicted to increase by 40% in the next few years, some items are more prone to being “green-washed” and hold no real eco-friendly value. With increased focused on... - August 21, 2008

Smart Marketing: Make Earth Day Every Day

Many companies use eco-friendly promotional items as part of their overall marketing strategy, but just because the product says it's “green” does not make it true. Like any purchase, consumers must use reliable sources that can explain the contents of the promotional products. - April 17, 2008

Going “Green” – Corporate Branding Style

Going “Green” – Corporate Branding Style

New trend towards eco-friendly lifestyle creates emerging market for corporate branding using promotional items made from earth friendly and recycled materials notes one expert. - May 17, 2007

My Mug is Cheaper than Your Mug! ... A Cautionary Tale

You’ve just been asked to order some promotional imprinted mugs for client gifts, so the first thing you do is jump on the internet. You find a few sites with similar looking products, yet the prices vary greatly, what do you do? If you are like most people, you’re likely to buy... - April 19, 2006

Top 10 Tips for Choosing a Promotional Products Company

While promotional products are easy to find - especially on the internet, one promotional products expert warns buyers of specialty advertising to not simply buy items based on price. - March 01, 2006

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