Isiah is Set to Release a Mini Series of Books

The book will be based on different adventures that Sam goes on. And at the end of each book there will be some kind of life lesson in it.

Cushing, TX, October 30, 2008 --( Isiah Hurts is set to release a series of mini books for children about a character name Sam. In every book Sam will go on some kind of adventure. And at the end of each book there will be some kind of life lesson in it. The first book to be released is a book called Sam's Castle. The books that Isiah Hurts will be releasing are targeted toward the tween market (ages 5-14 years old).

Isiah Hurts had stated that he is very excited about releasing these books because there’s not really any new books that are dedicated to the tween market anymore. He also states that he think teenagers will enjoy his book series since he's a teenager himself, and since he’s a teenager he knows what teenagers wants to read.

He also states that most of the books that are for teenagers are usually written by grown ups.

And grown ups usually writes books that they think teenagers wants to hear.

The book series that Isiah Hurts will be releasing are going to be available only at select book stores, and at select online retail stores.

About Isiah Hurts Entertainment:

Isiah Hurts Entertainment is an independent entertainment company. That includes publishing, management, advertisement, and merchandise. Isiah Hurts Entertainment is also responsible for releasing Isiah Hurts debut book entitled “Isiah Book Of Poem’s”.

About Isiah Hurts:
Isiah Hurts is an Poet he got his first break when his poem "Life" was featured in two books. Fresh Cutting(2005)and Immortal Verses(2007). In October 2007 Isiah won an Editor's Choice Award For Outstanding Achievement In Poetry for his poem "Life" .In June of 2008 Isiah Hurts also released a poem book called "Isiah Book Of Poem’s". Isiah Hurts is also involved in charities that have to do with empowering teenagers, and is also getting ready to launch his own foundation called "Isiah Hurts Foundation.

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