Several Leading Australian Pregnancy Vitamins Lack Vital Nutrients

An independent review conducted by a panel of respected Australian Naturopaths has revealed that some of Australia’s leading prenatal and pregnancy vitamin supplements lack essential nutrients that are vital to mother and developing baby.

Brisbane, Australia, August 22, 2008 --( Most women are aware of the benefits that prenatal and pregnancy vitamins can bring for mother and child. However, a recent independent review conducted by a panel of Australian Naturopaths has shown that some of Australia’s leading prenatal and pregnancy vitamin formulas could be significantly improved.

Review panellist and Naturopath Eliza Finn of CBD Natural Health commented that “It appears that some leading Australian over-the-counter products misleadingly lack the quality and variety of vital ingredients necessary for optimal nutritional support for mother and developing baby. While most products contain high amounts of folate well known to be necessary during pregnancy, they often leave out important, synergistic and essential nutrients needed such as other B-group vitamins, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Calcium, Zinc and Omega-3 fatty acids that are also important during this time. ”

The results of the review have been published on Australian vitamin information website Website Director Kristy Lee added “There are some fantastic products on the market, however it’s important to note that not all products offer the rainbow and dosages of ingredients necessary to support their intended benefit. Expecting mothers should always research products well or consult a health professional before making purchases that affect mother and baby’s health.

“ not only provides important information about vitamins for expecting mothers, but provides product comparisons and reviews for 33 different health categories including Arthritis, Multivitamins, Menopause, PMS and even Weight Loss.

“Whilst the vitamin information and reviews do not replace the personal advice of a qualified health professional, they go some way towards ensuring that there is independent information available for Australian consumers”.

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Vitamin supplements may only be of assistance where dietary intake is inadequate.

Top 16 Pregnancy vitamins as ranked by National Pharmaceutical Retail Sales Volumes provided by Synovate Aztec were reviewed.

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