Wyked Illuzionz Announces New Motorcycle L.E.D. Product - Magical Wizard Lights

Magical Wizard Lights - New Color-Changing L.E.D. Lights for Motorcycles.

Monrovia, MD, August 24, 2008 --(PR.com)-- New Magical Wizards are the answer to the biker that wants it all. Motorcycle owners no longer have to select a single color for their motorcycle LED lights. With these new wizard pods bikers have seven colors in all – yellow, blue, green, purple, red, teal and white. Depending on your mood, they can select any single color or rotate through all of them. Also, these new Magical Wizards slowly fade from one color to the next.

The new Magical Wizard pods are operated with a remote control unit (color command module) that provides three strobe speeds, a breathe function, and a color fade function, in addition to allowing the motorcyclists to keep any one of the seven colors on steady. This remote control works up to 100’ away it can be operated while walking through a parking lot or from the doorway of a favorite hang out.

Installation is easy too. Each Magical Wizard pod comes pre-taped with industrial strength 3-M tape and can be easily installed using the Wyked Illuzionz Wizard Installation Kit. Each pod measures 2 5/16” long, 9/16” wide, and 7/16” deep and comes with a 52” lead.

Magical Wizards can be purchased separately or in kits from Wyked Illuzionz.

As is the case with all of the Wyked Illuzionz lighting products, Magical Wizards have a lifetime warranty against bulb failure.

For those that like being different, this product is it.

About the Company: Wyked Illuzionz (www.wykedilluzionz.com) specializes in LED Lighting for Motorcycles. They attend many of the major motorcycle events educating motorcyclists on this important safety issue and on the benefits of quality motorcycle lighting products and professional installation. For additional information, please visit www.wykedilluzionz.com.

Wyked Illuzionz
Bob Silverman