Mc Schoolyard Master Presents DJ-Anthem: Entitled: Mr DJ

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Baltimore, MD, August 26, 2008 --( Music Industry News

Mc Schoolyard Master presents his international extraordinary Release/CD entitled: Mr DJ . [Released early in May 2008 at European Music Group & Kontor New Media Records -/- Germany].

Mc Schoolyard Master: dedicates first Release / Album(CD) to all DJs - who are connecting the people, if not the world.

Mc Schoolyard Master's aim: Connecting culture in classrooms and in schoolyards as well as on educational playgrounds.

"There are truths about sacrifice or success or leadership that apply to all people, regardless of their differences. And there are critical truths, tied to the lingering effects of racism and exclusion -in America, and Europe as well-, which are unique to/common to people of color or migrants. Those are the complexities that success of a musician like myself seek to expose. I am using my music for diversity and education-marketing. I'm a Fair-Trade Musical Brand as well , and this means I can help other Fair Trade Brands grow. I'm an ethical product yet, that means, there is certainty of value in what I do, and it is not yet branded Out of Bounds.":- says Mc Schoolyard Master , the Cameroonian celebrity.

The artist is open for all information requests , questions, interviews at the following or Mobile-phone:0049-1633787006.

Spreading the word about Mc Schoolyard Master is service to cultural diversity. "If there's something I can do for you in exchange, please just do ask. My first Song and Album are called: Mr DJ- my favourite Song. I'm a studio man who believes in communicating with the public, that's why my first Album under European Music Group & Kontor is called: Mr. DJ. It reaches the Public through channels/norms people are used to living with. The song Mr DJ also contains Latino-style Lyrics" : says the Cameroonian music producing talent Mc Schoolyard Master.

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