Skip the Long Lines at Cellular Stores

Unlimited Wireless hangs up on long waits at corporate cellular stores.

Kokomo, IN, May 04, 2006 --( Sick and tired of the long waits at the corporate store just to be told that you are not eligible to upgrade your phone until 2008 or that you credit is not good enough to setup a new account without a security deposit? According to Consumer Reports 2005 over 85% of wireless customers have a bad experience when purchasing a cellular phone or PDA device. Also according to several consumers they can spend up to two hours in lines at a corporate cellular store in Kokomo.

Unlimited Wireless has taken all the hassles out of the cell phone buying process and developed a model that is Simply Better. Unlimited Wireless is different from the corporate cellular stores and big box retailers because they offer no long waits, in-store instant activation on all phones including prepaid, plans without credit checks, in-store bill payment without having to bring your bill, handles account questions, and they will even troubleshoot phone problems. Unlimited Wireless offers Verizon Wireless, Sprint now together with Nextel, Centennial Wireless, Virgin Mobile, and Boost Mobile. 

Company Direction 

Founded in 2004 as a privately-held company, Unlimited Wireless is Kokomo’s only multi-carrier wireless specialty store. Unlimited Wireless has three locations within the city, which two are located inside the Markland Mall and the third location, Unlimited Wireless Xpress is located on Kokomo’s northeast side. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to make the customer buying process Simply Better.

Unlimited Wireless
Christopher Kemp