Sacred Cow's "American Drug War" Nominated for 2008 High Times Stony Awards

Coincides with a new YouTube release from the maker of the film, "Sleepwalker McCain: Patriot or Hypocrite?"

Hollywood, CA, August 26, 2008 --( Kevin Booth's "American Drug War; The Last White Hope" (2008 Sacred Cow Productions) was acknowledged for its counter culture-friendly theme with a recent Stony Award nomination for Best Documentary for High Times' 2008 awards. The award show, which takes place this year at the Malibu Inn in Malibu, CA on September 27, 2008 is in its 8th year (its 2nd in California).

2008 Stony Awards Best Documentary Nominees:
American Drug War
SuperHigh Me
Totally Baked
Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson
The 20th Anniversary Cannabis Cup

For a prime example of the nature of Director Kevin Booth's sense of humor on the subject of weed smoking, search YouTube for "Sleepwalker McCain" and enjoy a taste of what political campaign ads would look like if only politicians were allowed to have one (a sense of humor that is). Google the search term "Sleepwalker McCain" and you'll notice the clip has 4 pages of hits after only 24 hours; you can't miss it.

American Drug War is playing on Showtime for the next two years and the DVD with over 3 hours of bonus features is available in stores and online from the American Drug War dot com website and the Sacred Cow online store.

Sacred Cow
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