Find Musicians and Bands for Free in U.S. Just Launched

Tokyo, Japan, August 27, 2008 --( Free musicians’ site to find local musicians and bands called “With9 U.S.” is launched to support musicians in the U.S. “With9 U.S” is a website localized for U.S. musicians to support activities in all levels from amateurs to professionals. It is a localized site for “With9”, the most popular musicians’ support site in Japan, with the largest number of articles to find other musicians and find bands to join. Trans New Technology, Inc localized the site and started to support musicians in U.S. utilizing the management knowledge aquired with Japanese musicians. With9 U.S will also aim to be number one in matching musicians in the U.S and support their activities. The site has functions from musician search, band search, and SNS once musicians register and get ID for free. After free registration, users can search musicians around the U.S. to find other instrunments and groups musicians need. This is very usuful website for all the musicians and instrunmentalists from amateurs to professionals, any instrunments from vocalist to guiterlists, even for arrangers.

Visit their website, Register and get With9 U.S. ID,

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