iDTRONIC Will Present at RFID World in Las Vegas Its Complete and Expanded UHF Range of Products, Including UHF Reader/Writers, UHF Antennas and All Kinds of UHF Tags

iDTRONIC offers several UHF development kits specially configured for developing UHF applications. These are complete hardware solutions, including software tools with drivers, demo applications and source code. The Software Development Kit (SDKs) include everything necessary to easily develop your unique implementation.

Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany, August 28, 2008 --( The innovative and versatile UHF Long Range Gate Starter Kit consists of the high-performance iDTRONIC UHF Long Range Reader / Writer, four Long Range Antennas UHF “A1”, two stands, all required mounting equipment and cables, as well as a full Software Development Kit on CD-ROM.

iDTRONIC´s new UHF RFID Reader/Writer covers the global UHF frequency range, and is designed as a Multi-tag UHF Reader capable of reading tags that conform to the EPC Generation Two (Gen2) and ISO 18000-6 B/C standards. This multi-protocol, multi-regional UHF RFID Reader supports the very important Dense Reader Mode (DRM) the Listen before talk feature. With its Anti-self Jamming (ASJ) technology, the reader supports a Multi-Reader Environment for several readers simultaneously.

The new UHF-LRA circular polarized UHF antenna covers both European and US RFID bands and reading Distances of up to 10 metres are easily achieved. The antenna is entirely waterproof and is very easy to install. The circular polarization allows tags to be read in multiple 3D orientations.

iDTRONIC is also introducing as a premier at RFID World in Las Vegas its new UHF USB Stick.

iDTRONIC´s new UHF USB Stick is the world’s first UHF reader to meet the market’s requirements for this unique form factor. It is an easy to handle RFID Reader to be used with USB equipped Terminals and Laptops. Its light weight and compact design, in combination with the latest technology and a robust ABS housing, make it perfectly suited to a very wide range of identification applications.

The reader includes a multi-color LED indicator to easily monitor the reading status. The linearly polarized built-in antenna allows a maximum reading distance of up to 80cm. The USB V2.0 type A ensures reliable, high-speed data transfer. The reader uses the 5V USB power supply, and the power output is adjustable up to 20dBm. Moreover, the Reader offers a reader sensitivity well over 90 dBm.

Logistics management, track-and-trace, distribution systems, and inventory control environments all benefit from the high performance of this innovative stick reader. Able to operate at temperatures of up to 60° C, it can even be used in very rough environments. iDTRONIC´s USB Stick - UHF is packaged with a full SDK and Demo Software for Windows.

The newest member of iDTRONIC´s Compact Flash Reader Family is the CF UHF RFID Reader. It has been designed and developed to allow Pocket PCs, PDA’s, Handheld Terminals and other mobile devices to access to ISO 18000-6 Part B + C (Gen1-Gen2) UHF smart labels, tags and ISO transponders.

Weighing just 30 grams, and measuring just 95mm x 60mm x 12 mm in combination with a robust ABS housing, the new reader fits in anywhere. Efficient power management is ensured by the 3.3 Volt Power supply, with power consumption of just 20 mA in Stand-by mode and 250 mA in Active mode. The reading distance for the CF Reader can be up to 50cm, depending on the type of transponder.

iDTRONIC´s CF device is packaged with a CD ROM containing PDA & PC SDKs for development in Windows environment, or with an optional PCMCIA to CF adaptor.

iDTRONIC´s new UHF Handheld Terminal Ezit II delivers maximum performance and reliability in a lightweight and extremely rugged design. It allows the capture of a comprehensive range of data - from RFID tags and bar codes to images – even in remote areas, where fixed RFID readers can´t reach.

iDTRONIC’s EzIT II is IP54-rated, exceeding military specifications for resistance to drops, dust, vibration and both high and low temperatures. These features give users the ability to work in nearly any environment and dramatically reduces repair and downtime costs. The ease of use and portability of the Ezit II combine to deliver exceptional ergonomics, ensuring reliable performance wherever and whenever you need it.

iDTRONIC´s UHF Adhesive Labels and UHF Hardtag Transponders complete iDTRONIC´s UHF Family. The UHF Adhesive Labels are specially suited for supply chain and logistics application, where long operating distances are required. They have blank matt paper on the top, which protects the chip and the antenna underneath.

The iDTRONIC UHF Hard Tags come in a very robust ABS housing and have been designed for rough environment. The on-metal Tags has a 3M durable adhesive layer with reselease paper on the backside of the tag. They are available in 3 different dimensions with different UHF Chip versions and frequencies of 868 and 915MHz.

For more information about all UHF Readers and UHF Transponders, email us or visit their website. Please visit them also at the RFID World in Las Vegas at their booth # 630.

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