With Proven Track Record, Enterprising Restaurant and Bar Owner Mario Marovic Sets Sights on Continued Growth

After learning the family business, the second generation bar owner continues dream of creating a chain of upscale lounges and chic dining destinations.

Newport Beach, CA, March 01, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Since the age of three, Mario Marovic has grown up around the bar business. A native of Orange, CA., Marovic inherited his keen insight and entrepreneurial spirit from his parents who owned and operated 2J’s Cocktail Lounge in Fullerton, CA. In 1995, Marovic took over management and spearheaded a plan to revitalize the business through extensive renovations, creative marketing and a renewed commitment to quality customer service.

With an MBA degree in finance/marketing from USC, Marovic moved to Silicon Valley and pursued a career in investment banking in 2000. Unfulfilled and longing for the daily interaction of the family business, Marovic returned to Orange County in 2002 with the intention of making the restaurant/bar business a full time career. Marovic’s goal was to not only manage and operate 2J’s bar in Fullerton, but to expand his operations into strategic areas.

In December 2004, Marovic purchased Los Vacitos Café in old town Orange, CA., near the historic Orange circle. It was his first foray into the restaurant business and after several months of extensive upgrades, the remodeled restaurant, bar and live music venue reopened for business as the newly christened District Lounge. The District Lounge has since become one of the most popular destinations in the area, drawing rave reviews and “Best of” honors by the local press.

Along with two business partners, in July 2005 Marovic purchased Carmelo’s Restorante Italiano in Corona del Mar. As with The District Lounge, Marovic made many improvements, introduced an upscale steak and seafood menu and changed the name to Landmark Steakhouse.

A year later in 2006, Marovic found another opportunity to expand his growing empire by purchasing The Stag Bar located opposite the Newport Beach pier in Newport Beach, CA. Established in 1914, the historic tavern is one of the oldest continually operated bars in Orange County. With an appreciation for its treasured heritage, Marovic restored the Stag Bar true to its historic and elegant character. As part of his master plan, in 2007, the name was changed to The District Lounge.

In 2007, fueled by his passion and strong commitment as a responsible bar and business owner Marovic co-founded the Newport Beach Bar and Tavern Owners Association, an organized committee of local bar owners, who, with the cooperation of the Newport city police department hold regular meetings to better enforce safety, reduce drunk driving and other proactive responsibilities.

In 2008, Marovic acquired the majority stake in Landmark, following complete renovations throughout. Also lauded by the media, including a 4 Star rating by the Orange County Register, among other notable distinctions, the restaurant has since become one of the most popular dining and lounge destinations in Corona del Mar and throughout the county.

“I am living my dream,” said Marovic about his life in the restaurant and bar business. “I enjoy every part of the business, the creative management, the people and social aspect. It’s who I am and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.” The recently married Marovic, 35, resides with his wife in Corona del Mar.

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