Apliman Technologies Installs IVR and Conferencing Solutions for Information Technology Planet- ITP Jordan

Beirut, Lebanon, August 31, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Apliman Technologies, a leader in telecommunications technology solutions, announces that it has successfully finalized the installation of its Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Conferencing solutions for Information Technology Planet (ITP), Jordan. These Apliman solutions, based on Apliman’s feature-rich, powerful platform: APLIBRIDGE, are powerful solutions meant to enhance communication while reinforcing credibility.

“When ITP decided to invest in IVR business, we needed to be associated with a strong technology partner who can provide latest technology, enable us to run our services smoothly and granting excellent support,” said Mr. Omar Teryaqi, General Manager, Information Technology Planet.

Apliman IVR system enables ITP callers to dial (or be dialed from) a fully automated system and use voice prompts, in conjunction with phone pad, to interact with a wide host of provided information, all while providing seamless 24/7 service. The power of Apliman IVR comes from its versatile and powerful Application Generator, where heavy duty applications can be easily built using ready made "Plug and Play" assembly blocks. The resultant applications can mix various IVR elements (DTMF, Voice ...) with database elements, web elements (HTTP, HTML, Email), and even SMS and MMS, for a truly multi-modal system.

In addition, Apliman Conferencing solution is capable of hosting hundreds of persons talking and listening to each other at the same time across tens of 'rooms' or 'forums', all talking in full duplex. Coupled with configurable conferences out of the box, Apliman Conferencing Module greatly reduces time-to-market for Conferencing solutions.

“We expect this project to be the start of gaining substantial market share in the Jordanian market,” said Tarek Itani, Executive Director of Apliman Technologies.


About Apliman Technologies
Apliman Technologies has an international portfolio of installations that span 4 continents, serving more than 70 million subscribers worldwide. Apliman is the provider of choice to the first-ever IVR installations, Call Center and VAS solutions in a number of Middle Eastern and African countries. Ever since it's founding, Apliman has been at the forefront of developments in the field. It has existed long enough in the market to establish customer loyalty and become a trademark of trust.

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About ITP
Information Technology Planet – ITP, has established at 2001, the main focus of ITP is to service both GSM operators’ subscribers across the Middle East and Media Companies (TV channels, radio and others) with value added services based on mobile messaging such as IVR, SMS2TV, Voting, Contents download and MMS.

ITP is a leading value added service provider in the Middle East, with more than 24 agreements with operators serving more than 30 clients with interactivity solutions.

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