evalu8.org Announces 2008 Christmas Gift Guide Submission Deadlines

Companies and individuals looking for free promotion for their products or services urged to tender samples for review. Deadline for receipt of all items tendered for review for this year's Christmas gift guide is October 10, 2008, as evalu8.org reviewers need adequate time to try out and examine items in order to create and submit thorough reviews. Review samples are not returned.

Seattle, WA, September 02, 2008 --(PR.com)-- evalu8.org's Managing Director, Anne Garber, is pleased to announce deadlines for product submissions in order that items can be reviewed before evalu8.org's deadline for inclusion in its 2008 Christmas Shopping and Gift Guides.

"At evalu8.org," says Ms. Garber, "we provide consumer support and expert-written reviews of everything from cosmetics to clothing, baby items to car accessories, books and DVDs to hotel accommodation. All our staff writers are highly critical, and have high expectations of the items submitted for review, so if submitters are extremely confident of the quality of their goods and services, they can feel free to forward any samples to us in a timely fashion, and we will undertake to incorporate them into our recommended Christmas gifts for 2008. Our recommendations are increasingly becoming the first resource that online shoppers check out before making their decisions for gifts."

Deadline for receipt of all items tendered for review for this year's Christmas gift guide is October 10, 2008, as evalu8.org reviewers need adequate time to try out and examine items in order to create and submit thorough reviews. Review samples are not returned.

In addition, although some manufacturers might wish to offer evalu8.org additional items as contest prizing, this will not be possible for 2008.

Even if some manufacturers or distributors cannot make evalu8.org's 2008 deadlines, there is always Valentine's Day. And Mother's Day. And Father's Day.

One of the recipients of a favorable review for 2007 enjoyed a spike in sales of its products and wrote this to evalu8.org's review committee: "I got so caught up in sharing news of your story that now, I fear, I did not send you a proper and heartfelt thank you for these absolutely amazing reviews. [Our] team came to a standstill for about an hour once I forwarded your messages, because everyone was so excited with your coverage. (The back-and-forth emails between staff and the executive team were akin to standing in the winning team's locker room after the SuperBowl … Written high-fives all around.)"

Of special interest this year are: educational toys; books of all types (but rarely fiction); CDs and DVDs; board games; video games; "family fun;" games that work with gaming consoles (Wii, GameBoy, etc -- evalu8.org reviewers have their own consoles); peripherals and gadgets for gaming and for computers, iPod accessories etc; household and handyman gadgets; lifestyle and travel accessories, luggage and "new mousetraps;" culinary stuff; great new inventions etc, etc. Adds Anne Garber: "We are always looking for truly new innovations for our readers, as that's what keeps us on the cutting edge of the Search Engines in the first place."

Although evalu8.org's snail-mail address is mentioned below, please be reminded that items are never accepted when shipped by courier. Everything must be able to be received at the P.O. Box, no exceptions.

In the case of those wanting to ship fresh or perishable food items, please contact Anne Garber directly to see if a method of shipping can be agreed upon...first. Most items can be shipped by USPS. But please note that perfumes and other high-alcohol-content fragrances may not travel by traditional shipping methods, and therefore evalu8.org does not accept them for review. (Pressurized and creamy cosmetic items are A-OK.)

Remember, those looking for promotion for their products, services or bricks-and-mortar businesses might be well advised to send information and/or materials along to Anne Garber directly. Music companies, movie studios, food manufacturers, software developers, book publishers, new product manufacturers, authors and distributors: Your catalogues and review materials are welcome. evalu8.org respects all time-dated embargoes, industry confidentiality and other necessary restrictions. Please be sure to mention the expected date of release, publication or retail availability in the US Pacific Northwest and the British Columbia region and other world markets, so unreasonable expectations in readers will not be raised. And businesses or PR people should be sure to include their own business card or contact information, so evalu8.org's expert reviewers can reach them, if questions arise -- and let them know when their product or service has been reviewed or featured on evalu8.org itself. There is no charge for review services.

Review materials may be mailed directly to:
Reviews editor
evalu8.org Media Inc.
P.O. Box 3796
Blaine, WA 98231-3796

All review materials should be clearly labeled: "For review purposes only. No commercial value." Books may, of course, be shipped via "Book Rate" from the U.K. or "Media Rate" in the U.S. Please also note that evalu8.org does not accept items for review sent via courier, as such deliveries are routinely refused by the USPS.

evalu8.org Media Inc.
Anne Garber
P.O. Box 3796, Blaine, WA 98231