Insurance Agents United Association HomeCheckUp Programs Expands Nationally

The Insurance Agents United Association (IAUA) has contracted with Alliance Adjustment.

Doylestown, PA, September 03, 2008 --( Group to perform a 10 pt. HomeCheckUp for Seniors. Most Seniors live alone and are in dangerous situations. The need for a service that cares about the living conditions of the Senior is enormous. The HomeCheckUp is the answer to many of the Seniors problems. With the rise of long Term Care and many Seniors wanting to stay home instead of going to Assisted living the demand for this kind of service has sky rocketed

The IAUA has professional licensed agents throughout the country that are trained on a 10 pt. HomeCheckUp . The Check up is an exclusive service provided by IAUA members. Once the agents identifies hazards he immediately notifies Alliance Adjustment Group for an appraisal of the damage. Alliance then works with their respective insurance company and recovers funds for the home owner to repair damage. These check ups have resulted in some home owners receiving anywhere from $15,000-$250,000 for repairing and making their home safe and livable again.

The IAUA mission is to provide education about various insurance products,because they know an educated consumer makes wiser choices.

The Insurance Agents United Association is a non-profit Insurance agent Association out of Washington DC.

Insurance Agents United Association
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