Technological Advancement Driving Global Mobile Phone Shipment

With the integration of new features and functions in conjunction of expanding 3G services, the global shipment for mobile phones will grow spectacularly in coming years.

Delhi, India, September 04, 2008 --( According to a new research report “Global Portable Electronics Market” by RNCOS, the global shipment of mobile phones surged by 12.3% YOY in 2007 on account of upgrade sales in the developed countries and addition of new subscribers in the emerging markets of Asia, Africa and Latin America. This impressive increase in mobile phone shipment presents huge growth opportunities for different players in the mobile handset value chain.

At the high-end, mobile phones are not confined to just voice communication functionalities, but are evolving as multifunction and multimedia type devices with features and functionality found in PDAs, digital cameras and MP3 players, says the report. Service providers in the developed countries are pitching 3G services aggressively and encouraging consumers to switch over to 3G mode. Meanwhile, low-end, ultra low-cost mobile handsets are being pushed into the emerging markets.

Furthermore, it is expected that high growth in the shipment of mobile phones will continue in 2008 due to rising demand for handsets in the Asia-Pacific region and replacement demand for smartphones in North America and Europe. At present, the Asia-Pacific region accounts for over 50% of the global mobile subscribers and is expected to remain the largest mobile subscriber base in near future. However, Eastern Europe is anticipated to emerge as the most dynamic mobile handset market with more than 40% growth in the mobile subscriber base in the next three years (2008-2010).

“Global Portable Electronics Market” is an extensive research on the thriving global portable electronics market. It gives a strategic insight into the products, factors and market segments that are driving the market growth. It discusses the parameters defining the market and gives an overview on the roadblocks obstructing the market growth. Coupled with this, it outlines the opportunity areas emerging for and because of fast developing portable electronics market.

This research study provides region-wise forecasts on important segments of the industry, including growth in PC shipments, digital camera shipments, mobile infotainment market, mobile handset statistics, and smartphone sales.

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