Grid-Tools Ltd Announces Launch of New Database Product DataShrink, Enhancing Data Testing Efficiency

When used with Oracle E-Business, Grid-Tools’ new DataShrink product has the ability to shrink databases in place and implement Oracle compression as part of the database reorganization.

Oxford, United Kingdom, September 04, 2008 --( Grid-Tools Limited, a leading vendor of test data management and information lifecycle management software, announces the inclusion of their database shrinking tool, DataShrink, to their Datamaker suite. For more information, please visit: or call UK 01865 988541.

Test data management tools – new database shrinking tool
Grid-Tools have announced the inclusion of their database shrinking tool, DataShrink, into the 'GT Datamaker Complete Testing Tool-Set'. DataShrink is now offered to IT testing departments as either a separate tool for shrinking major databases (particularly Oracle's E-Business Suite), or available as part of the Datamaker complete test suite.

Tools to improve data testing efficiency
GT Datamaker editions offer test data generation to create accurate test data, data masking, data scrambling, data modelling, data quality assurance, subsetting, database compare, a test data warehouse and ‘Test Data on Demand'. With the launch of their new product, DataShrink, Grid-Tools have come full circle with their suite of testing tools. The entire suite provides a successful and compelling proposition to companies looking to improve testing efficiency, reduce IT expenditure, ensure legal compliance and add essential infrastructure to their testing methodologies.

Grid-Tools DataShrink has a highly convincing list of features including overall reduced disk space, which implements faster run times in testing and development databases. The tool also helps to remove redundant data tables built up over time, which can make the testing process sluggish and inefficient. DataShrink is also highly adaptable, as specific databases can be created for different purposes (i.e. training and upgrade tests).

About Grid-Tools Limited

Grid-Tools' software enables organisations to achieve legal compliance, increase the productivity of their IT staff and improve the price and performance of their infrastructure. Grid-Tools' solutions apply to test data management and information lifecycle management. Their core product automates the discovery and documentation of database structures. Add-on modules generate data, anonymise or subset test databases, or archive production databases.

Founded in 2004, Grid-Tools Limited is a private company located in Oxford, United Kingdom. Its development draws on the considerable expertise of its management and development team, gained over an eleven year period. The team has a history of providing products that match customer requirements and provide the fastest ROI in the business.

Within a short span of time, Grid-Tools have picked up significant momentum and an impressive list of well known and respected customers. The Grid-Tools methodology consists of using the “data-centric” approach to testing whereby, their focus is to ensure the quality of the test data being used is of the right quality for successful testing.

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