AA Turbo Charger, Inc. Opens Its First Regional Distribution Center in Dallas, Texas

The first Regional Distribution Center for the AA Turbo Charge Portable Cell Phone Charger will be open in June 2006.

Dallas, TX, May 07, 2006 --(PR.com)-- The First Regional Distribution Center with a 20,000 unit Inventory for the AA Turbo Portable Cell Phone Charger will be available in June 2006 in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex Area. The new Regional Distribution Center owners; one of which is an Attorney, flew in and met with the owners of AA Turbo Charger Marketing (aaTCM) and in just a few hours deposited $300,000 for the 20,000 unit inventory and locked up The JVP for 90 Days.

According to Norman Doeteroff, the inventor of the Turbo Charge, the idea to create this product came to him after he lost his cell phone charge while traveling. In an attempt to use a competitor’s product, Mr. Doeteroff became extremely frustration as the competitor’s product only held a single charge.

The AA Turbo Charge is a lip stick size portable cell phone charger that uses a double A battery and gives you an additional 2 hours of talk time. Additional adapters are provided for about 95% of cell phone models.

Currently, additional Regional Distribution Centers are needed in the following areas:

United States

AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, HI, IL, IN, KS, KY, MA, MI, MN, NV, NJ, NM, NY, NC, OH, OK, PA, PR, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WI and WY


Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, India, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Philippines, Korea, Turkey, Spain, Italy, France, Ireland, UK, Portugal, Switzerland, Greece, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Russia, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Caribbean and South Africa.

AA Turbo Charger Marketing, Inc. is currently offering a $5,000 reward to anyone who can secure a joint venture partner in the United States and a $50,000 reward for anyone who is able to secure a joint venture partner for aa-TCM Inc internationally.

According to spokesperson for AA Turbo Charger, Inc., sales for the AA Turbo Charger reached $800,000 in 10 days and are expected to double in the next 2 weeks.

An additional 20,000 representatives will be needed to handle the increase in demand for this product.

For more information on the AA Turbo Charger and/or the joint venture please visit http://www.aatcm.com/chargeit or email Theresa Johnson at theresa@close-the-sales.com.

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