Connecticut BBB Issues Report on Top Ten Types of Businesses with Most Complaints

Numbers show consumers inquire and file complaints about different business sectors.

Wallingford, CT, September 04, 2008 --( New data released today by Connecticut Better Business Bureau show the top ten types of businesses consumers check on the most are not the industries they complain about. The statistics cover July 1, 2007 to July 31, 2008.

Leading the list of business types most complained about in Connecticut are buying clubs and group purchasing services, Internet shopping, new franchised auto dealers, insurance companies and the furniture/retail sector. This list, however, is at odds with the types of business about which consumers inquire the most: home improvements, construction and remodeling, roofing contractors, siding contractors and window installation and service.

According to Connecticut Better Business Bureau President, Paulette Hotton Scarpetti, there is an important distinction between inquiries and complaints.

“Inquiries reflect the fact that people are doing their homework, checking industries which have proven to be problematic in many cases. The number of complaints, however, reflects a different reality. It shows tangible dissatisfaction with different types of industries.”

The ten types of businesses with the most inquiries from Connecticut consumers are:

1. Home improvements 68,212
2. Construction and remodeling services 47,058
3. Roofing contractors 37,963
4. Siding contractors 33,734
5. Windows – installation & Service 32,487
6. Internet shopping 31,684
7. Franchised auto dealers 31,154
8. Mortgage brokers 30,504
9. Auto body repair and painting 28,068
10. Kitchen & bath repair & remodeling 23,745

The ten types of businesses with the most complaints from Connecticut consumers are:

1. Buying clubs & group purchasing services 2,726
2. Internet shopping 1,039
3. Franchised auto dealers 539
4. Insurance companies 321
5. Furniture – retail 308
6. Mailing services 270
7. Book publishers 265
8. Home improvements 258
9. Non-profit organizations – general membership 243
10.Mail order & catalogue shipping 230

Nationally, the top five most-complained about types of businesses during the month of July, 2008 were:

1. Franchised auto dealers
2. Cellular telephone service & supplies
3. Banks
4. Television – cable & satellite
5. Internet shopping

During the month of July, 2008 national data show the top five businesses with the largest numbers of inquiries were:

1. Roofing contractors
2. Movers
3. General contractors
4. Construction and remodeling services
5. Mortgage brokers

Scarpetti concludes, “We see the same trend nationally as locally, namely, that consumer have a perception about certain kinds of businesses which prompts them to make inquiries. Those industries, however, are not always the ones that prompt the most consumer complaints.”

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