Connecticut Better Business Cautions Medical Insurance Fraud May Jeopardize Patients' Health

FBI says insurance fraud assumes many forms. - June 14, 2009

Connecticut Better Business Bureau Offers Tips on Buying a Used Car

Getting a good deal depends on many factors. - June 11, 2009

Connecticut Better Business Bureau Issues Warning About Census-Related Fraud

Scams involve attempts at identity theft - May 21, 2009

Connecticut Better Business Bureau Urges Parents to Visit Summer Camps Before Selecting One

Brochures alone may not give an accurate picture of facilities. - May 13, 2009

Connecticut BBB Warns Against a Summer Scam Going Door-to-Door Nationwide

Trying to help a good cause could get you ripped off by fraudulent magazine salespeople - May 10, 2009

Connecticut Better Business Bureau Offers Advice to Avoid Being Jilted at the Altar by Wedding Vendors

Wedding insurance becoming more popular to ensure worry-free walk down the aisle. - April 23, 2009

Connecticut Better Business Bureau Says Keep Your Cool When Dealing with Customer Service Agents

The correct attitude can make the difference between success and frustration when you have a problem - April 18, 2009

Connecticut Better Business Bureau Warns Consumers About "Car Cloning"

Unwitting consumers face confiscation and potential criminal charges - April 16, 2009

Connecticut Better Business Bureau Warns Consumers About Product Information Blogs

Bloggers sometimes anonymous and mislead consumers - April 05, 2009

Connecticut Better Business Bureau Warns About Phony Publishers Clearing House Letters

Consumers told to be on alert as scam making its way across the nation - April 03, 2009

Connecticut BBB Applauds New Formula in Place for Calculating Consumer Credit Scores

New FICO formula more forgiving for consumers seeking credit. - March 22, 2009

CT BBB Warns Consumers About Deceptive Auto-Warranty Solicitations

Complaints nationwide show pattern of deceptive tactics used to sell unnecessary extended warranties. - March 19, 2009

Connecticut Better Business Bureau Cautions Consumers About Going-Out-of-Business Sales

Liquidation prices are sometimes a bad deal - February 26, 2009

Connecticut Better Business Bureau Issues Warning About Celebrity-Endorsed Acai Berry Dietary Supplements and Sellers

Nationwide complaints allege false advertising and unauthorized repeat billing after “free” trial. - January 29, 2009

Connecticut Better Business Bureau Cautions Consumers to Consider Costs of Tax Refund Anticipation Loans

“Instant refunds” may involve high fees that outweigh their advantages. - January 24, 2009

Home Mailboxes Are Open Targets for Identity Thieves

Connecticut Better Business Bureau has advice for securing your mail and reducing potentially “dangerous” junk mail. - January 15, 2009

Connecticut BBB Issues Cold Weather Checklist

How to save money during winter months. - December 24, 2008

Connecticut Better Business Bureau Offers Tips on "Shopping Smart" for the Holidays

Consumer education can prevent post-holiday headaches. - December 10, 2008

What to do if a Retailer Goes Bankrupt

Connecticut Better Business Bureau offers advice to help consumers protect purchases. - December 06, 2008

Think Twice About Giving Holiday Gift Cards and Prepaid Bank Cards

Connecticut Better Business Bureau says watch out for bank card fees and potential problems with retail gift cards. - December 03, 2008

Don’t Get Burned by Furnace Fraud as Weather Turns Colder

Connecticut Better Business Bureau alerts homeowners about common scare tactics used by unscrupulous service providers. - November 14, 2008

Advice from Connecticut BBB About Online Holiday Shopping

Protect your computer and purchases when conducting Internet commerce. - November 08, 2008

Connecticut Better Business Bureau Helps Seasonal Job Seekers

Tips to find holiday employment in a competitive job market. - October 30, 2008

CT Better Business Bureau Urges Students Learn Financial Responsibility

Fewer than half know how to manage credit & finances - October 23, 2008

Connecticut BBB Warns Families About “Grandparent Scam”

Seniors being bilked out of thousands of dollars by crooks posing as family members in need. - October 16, 2008

Deer Season Puts Auto Insurance Coverage to the Test

Few people read their auto insurance policy and are unaware of limitations and extent of coverage. - October 12, 2008

Connecticut BBB: Looking for a Fast Way to Sell a House?

Trade it in for a new home, but beware. - October 08, 2008

CT Better Business Bureau Warns Consumers About iPhone Scams

Thieves targeting new technology consumers. - September 24, 2008

BBB Connecticut Offers Tips for Buying a Used Car

Growing number of consumers opting to trade-in gas-guzzlers for used vehicles. - September 07, 2008

Connecticut BBB Issues Report on Top Ten Types of Businesses with Most Complaints

Numbers show consumers inquire and file complaints about different business sectors. - September 04, 2008

Better Business Bureau Offers Tips for Job Seekers

Tight job market demands verifying the reputation of employment career counseling and job placement services. - August 13, 2008

BBB Warns About Voter Registration Scams

Beware of callers seeking personal information. - August 07, 2008

Connecticut BBB Issues Alert About Real Estate Investment Scams

How to spot shady real estate investors and related scams. - July 31, 2008

Ct BBB Says Consumers Getting Scammed by Cheap, Counterfeit Luxury Goods Online

Connecticut Better Business Bureau advises consumers on how to protect against high-end web-based rip-offs. - July 24, 2008

BBB Connecticut Reports Rogue Debt Collectors Breaking the Law

Bureau says some consumers confused by what debt collectors may and may not do. - July 21, 2008

Connecticut Better Business Bureau Warns Drivers to be Wary of Gasoline-Saving Devices and Additives

Analysis reveals 99% of aftermarket products do not improve fuel economy. - July 10, 2008

Connecticut Better Business Bureau Warns the Public About "Extended Vehicle Warranty" Offers

Companies Flaunting Do Not Call Registry Offer “Outrageously-Priced” Service and Seek Personal Information. - July 09, 2008

Connecticut BBB Offers Advice on Avoiding Summer Scams

Researching Before Hiring Can Save Money and Prevent Headaches. - June 25, 2008

Notice of "Official" Complaint May be a Ruse

F.B.I. And Better Business Bureau Issue Warnings about Fraudulent E-mails Containing Risky Hyperlinks. - June 11, 2008

BBB and Partners Shred Largest Volume of Documents in a Single Day in North American Identity Protection Effort

BBB Connecticut to Hold Next Shredding Event in September. - June 04, 2008

Connecticut Better Business Bureau Warns About Scams Involving Economic Stimulus Checks

Thousands of complaints filed with Internal Revenue Service. - May 23, 2008

BBB Event Offers Free Identity Theft Protection Advice and On-Site Document Shredding

BBB invites community to take part in first-ever, coast-to-coast “Secure Your ID” Day. - April 16, 2008

BBB Offers Advice on Avoiding Springtime Scams

From Landscaping to Tree Trimming – Consumer Beware. - April 05, 2008

Consumers Complain to BBB About Tax Preparers

One third of complaints involve mistakes and resulting fines. - April 01, 2008

Hit-and-Run Accidents Can Hit Insured Drivers by Surprise

Basic Insurance Coverage May Not Be Sufficient to Cover the Insured Victim’s Expenses. - March 22, 2008

Check Out Charities Before Donating

Your BBB Connecticut Can Help You Find Out the Reliability and Transparency of Your Favorite Charitable Organization. - March 20, 2008

Better Business Bureau Warns of Tax Fraud Schemes

Know the “red flags” and how to avoid them. - March 06, 2008

People Looking for Love Online Beware

Complaints to BBB Skyrocketing About Online Dating Services - February 17, 2008

BBB Connecticut Pulls Accreditation from Two Companies

Cromwell And Trumbull-Based Firms Cited for BBB Code Infractions - February 17, 2008

Better Business Bureau Offers New Tools for Consumers Searching for Products and Services

One Stop on the Web to Find a Trustworthy Business - February 14, 2008

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