Granite Shield’s Revolutionizing Process and New Line of Products

Granite Shield announces a new line of products to be offered late spring 2006. Products to include help eliminate etching on marble, travertine or limestone, aftercare and anti-microbial products.

Canyon Lake, CA, May 08, 2006 --( Granite Shield creates a lifetime seal on your stone countertop so you will never have to seal your stone again. With other sealers, you need to seal your stone every six months to a year. Even then, over-the-counter sealers will allow stains through, especially acidic juices, alcohol, vinegar and oil. Granite Shield is etch-proof on granite and back that up with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Flooring is under warranty for 10 years, 5 years at 100%.

Granite Shield can even be used on matte countertops or flooring. When Granite Shield is used on matte or honed finishes, the surface stays matte or honed. There is no shine added; however, if your stone is shiny, it will increase the shine considerably and make it smoother. Granite Shield noticeably decreases the natural pits and fissures in stone, but will not fill them in. 

Granite Shield's process works so well you don't need aftercare products. So many of Granite Shield's customers have asked for an aftercare product produced by Granite Shield they've added their own line produced by their own chemist.

There is no product on the market yet that can make marble, travertine or limestone etch-proof, but Granite Shield's process comes close. Acidic juices, alcohol and vinegar can etch your marble, travertine and limestone if it is left unattended on your stone surface; however, Granite Shield will protect your marble, travertine and limestone so well that it is difficult to etch and if it does, it will not be very deep and can be buffed out easily. Granite Shield's newest product will even protect your marble, travertine or limestone even better and will come presealed on a new line of flooring available in stores late spring 2006 nationwide.

An average sized kitchen countertop takes approximately 1 ½ - 2 hours to apply by their authorized applicators. Flooring will vary depending on the square footage. Your stone will be ready for use as soon as Granite Shield is applied. Because of their LIFETIME WARRANTY, only an authorized applicator may apply Granite Shield. Granite Shield applicators will be able, for a fee, to remove any stains or etches in your stone. In most areas, they offer full restoration services to their customers.

All surfaces except cloth can be protected with Granite Shield: all stones, glass, stainless steel, wood, cement, brick, fiberglass, porcelain, tile, grout and MUCH MORE! Granite Shield even works great on engineered stone such as quartz surfaces, even countertops and flooring created from cement. Granite Shield can even be applied to any surface outdoors.

Call 877-477-3254 or visit for more information on protecting your home’s surfaces today. Granite Shield is a division of Sealing Technologies Management Inc. CL# 426383 since 1982 and is the creator of the Granite Shield process. Get the real Granite Shield product produced by their chemist. Business opportunities available national and international.

Granite Shield
Debbie Burton-Phillips