iDTRONIC´s New Active NOW System Offers Unmatched Performance and Flexibility to Enable Process Changes Throughout the Enterprise

iDTRONIC, a leading supplier of RFID hardware, will present the world premier of its new Active RFID System “Active NOW” at this years RFID World conference in Las Vegas.

Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany, September 05, 2008 --( This innovative Active RFID System is designed to support an extensive range of RFID applications and solutions, while being easy to integrate in the existing networks of any corporate environment.

The iDTRONIC Active Now Wifi Controller uses existing Wifi networks as a backbone. Its configuration utility allows it to connect to an infrastructure network of any brand and set a permanent IP address. All the standard security tools are available and additional ones can easily be downloaded from the Web.

The iDTRONIC Range Expander Active Now is an easily-installed add-on extension unit for Wifi and Serial Active Now Controllers. It is usable with all Active Tags (both Read only & Sensors) and no additional firmware or software is needed for its use. The reading distance to the tags can be expanded to 700m and in open areas, or over a125-acre area.

The 2.45 GHz Active NOW Tag Controller includes an antenna which provides a communications range of up to 60m. The Controller´s reader sensitivity is software controllable, and the read zones can be segmented using the circular polarized Active NOW directional antennas. These Antennas work with all Active Now Controllers and come with a mounting Kit and 1m coaxial cable for more flexibility.

The controller provides an anti-collision rate of 80-100 tags per second, and can be operated in a Dense Controller Mode. This innovative device is delivered with RS232/RS 485 interface in its basic configuration, and is available in two versions: the serial and the Wifi Active Now Controller.

The Active Now System from iDTRONIC includes three versions of the 2.45GHz Active Tags: the Active Now Read only, the Motion Sensor Tag and the Temperature sensor Tag. They are built around innovative 0.18 µm low power CMOS integrated circuits, which offer excellent low-power performance. The long battery life is achieved without sacrificing the read range.

Used to identify and localize items or individuals, the Read Only tags are available in two water-resistant IP65 packages: the extra-slim Badge Credit card and the Domino format. The iDTRONIC Motion sensor utilizes a high-precision piezo vibration detector and is able to identify and to perform micro-localization of items or people.

To identify and perform temperature monitoring of items, the Active Now System includes a Temperature Sensor Tag.

The Active Now Tags offer IP65 humidity protection and highly reliable RF transmission capabilities. Their transmission avoids frequency interference, even under rough conditions, which make them especially useful for difficult environments.

For applications with multiple controllers, iDTRONIC offers a specific middleware called Active Now EdgeWare. This allows easy integration of multiple units with a single centralized database. The Active Now EdgeWare has a layered architecture that includes: the Java controller driver, a filter queue, the filtering framework, the destination queue and the dispatching framework.

The innovative Active Now System can facilitate dramatic reductions in manufacturing process downtime, in-process waiting time, shipping location errors and shrinkage, while improving item-aggregation and delivery routing time, location correct warehousing and assessment of liabilities.

For more information about the new Active Now System Products from iDTRONIC and all other RFID products, email them or visit their website.

Please visit their booth # 630 at RFID World 2008 in Las Vegas

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