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Bloomington, IN, September 05, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Octogenarian Offers Wisdom, Advice on Achieving Happiness Personal Experience, Expert Insight Mesh to Provide Useful Guide.

In an age when families are busier than ever and have more stressors weighing down their everyday lives, Mathilde Apelt Schmidt offers a pragmatic, straightforward book on how to truly create one’s own happiness. In Happiness -- a Matter of the Mind, Vantage Point of an Octogenarian, she offers an engaging guide for all people searching for contentment.

With a unique mix of wisdom from ancient philosophers, insight from authors of contemporary books on happiness and much more, this book’s most endearing quality could be Schmidt’s personal lessons on happiness. Her personal beliefs and philosophies on creating a complete life that reduces the negative, such as jealousy and stress, to strengthening the positive, such as retaining a positive outlook, are a treasure for anyone wanting to learn how real people remain blissful.

“After conquering several unfortunate situations throughout my long life,” Schmidt writes, ”I always came out becoming a happier person. With several examples from different genres of literature – many from my own German background – completing my own experiences, I explain that unhappiness does not have to prevail. Enemies of happiness can be subdued and any adverse situation can hide a silver lining.”

Succinct in its message, Happiness -- a Matter of the Mind, Vantage Point of an Octogenarian is a genuine discussion on the elements it takes to achieve happiness and the negative factors that need to be minimized. In an easy-to-read 16 chapters, Schmidt covers a wide variety of topics, ranging from luck and empathy to anger and negative people.

With many books on achieving happiness on the market today, few are told through the eyes of a bright author who draws from thorough research and more than 80 years of life experiences that have taught her what it really takes to be happy. Happiness -- a Matter of the Mind, Vantage Point of an Octogenarian is an effective, insightful look at the one emotion all people strive for every day.

About the Author
Born in Germany in 1921, Mathilde Schmidt lives with her husband in Castro Valley, Calif. After becoming a prisoner of war in 1944, she completed her education in Hamburg and then immigrated to the United States in 1952. Schmidt holds a master’s degree in special education from California State University of Hayward and spent her career teaching German and mathematics. In addition to Happiness -- a Matter of the Mind, Vantage Point of an Octogenarian, Schmidt has also written My Life on Two Continents and The Lake Dwellers (both available through iUniverse). More information is available at www.mschmidtbooks.com.

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