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Alcohol Misuse is a Major Issue Affecting Employers and Employees in the UK, According to Mind Gliding Ltd (Business Psychologists)

Absenteeism from work through alcohol misuse costs the economy in the UK about £1.5bn a year. Mind Gliding Ltd, a Kent based firm of Business Psychologists, launched a Key Staff Assistance Programme to help businesses to overcome this problem.

London, United Kingdom, September 06, 2008 --(PR.com)-- “People are our greatest asset” has long been a stock phrase in company annual reports.

Peter Gleeson, Executive Director of Mind Gliding explained: "An organisation exist by the (in)formation of a working alliance through relationship by indivividual human beings. This 'organic' system may find its purpose through common vision and values. Looking after these 'greatest assets' guarantees organisational health".

Dr Eddy Kloprogge, Managing Director of Mind Gliding added: "Some obvious challenges in organisational functioning are caused by individual disfunction. Although recognised, they stay unchallenged because of ignorance, fear, prejudice and/or other cultural reasons. This is often the case with alcohol problems in the workplace"

Heavy drinkers stay less long in jobs.

The International Labour Organisation estimated that: "Globally, 3-5% of the average work force are alcohol dependent, and up to 25% drink heavily enough to be at risk of dependence".

What is Alcohol dependency?

Dr Eddy Kloprogge said: "For most people drinking alcohol is a recreational activity, and the majority of people manage to drink alcohol without incurring any harmful consequences. But to be alcohol dependent means that you feel you need to have a drink to help you through certain situations. When those situations include work, than call us at 01843 296565".

Peter Gleeson added: "Alcohol dependency or alcohol abuse by yourself or by people around you in your private life will influence your performance at work".

Mind Gliding launched the Key Staff Assistance Programme to support business owners, directors and senior managers in keeping their job. Employees who think might benefit from this programme, should contact Dr Kloprogge of Mind Gliding.

Recovery from alcohol dependency

On the Mind Gliding website it reads: "Some people only need some confidence building, or a few counselling sessions to change their circumstances for the better. In those cases, please call Mind Gliding on 01843 296565"

What to do after you had treatment?

Dr Eddy Kloprogge explained: " There is a danger for people who have received professional help for problems with alcohol and who are in rehabilitation. The aftercare often misses the most important reason for employees to go into treatment in the first place: They do not want to loose their job! The lack of statistical information of sustainable recovery from treatment centres in the UK suggest that there might be a risk involved in relapsing. Mind Gliding has the knowledge and personal experience to minimise this risk through its Key Staff Assisance Programme."

Jonathan Wood, a Senior Managment Consultant and Business Psychologist said: " If you are a business owner, chief executive or middle/senior manager, and you are in recovery from alcohol abuse, you will benefit from the Key Staff Assisance Programme in keeping you on track in your role as a manager. Not only you, but the organisation you work for will also experience these benefits".

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