Mind Gliding, Ltd.

Mind Gliding, Ltd.

Professional Managment Development for the Executive/Managing Director, Senior - and Middle Management:

We understand......

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Mind Gliding is committed to the principle of supporting individuals and organisations in the acquisition and development of wisdom.

Wisdom is what we know. It is the sum total of what has been perceived, discovered, guessed and concluded.

Every individual or organisation has accumulated specific resources of quality and skills. Mind Gliding® can increase awareness by providing the tools to unlock those inner resources. It can change your life!

We offer a range of services in the fields of personal and organisational development, interpersonal relational reconciliation, corporate performance coaching and conflict resolution for: individuals, couples and groups, small and medium sized businesses (20-800 staff), health-care, government and other organisations.

The founders of Mind Gliding, Peter Gleeson and Eddy Kloprogge, together clock up over 60 years of relevant training and expertise in human development and interaction.

Dr Kloprogge, an international accredited research scientist, has profound experience within the business world, and has recently been working with local voluntary community-based organisations.

Peter Gleeson, a former probation officer, has vast experience as a psychotherapist and group facilitator. He has developed a range of training programmes in his own unique style, combining gestalt psychology with his practical counselling experience, whilst working with Professor Petruska Clarkson, author of the world-famous book: "The Therapeutic Relationship".
All of our work is designed to provide practical tools and ideas for use in everyday life, in order to make complex issues and problems easier and manageable.


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