Spreader Beams Provide a Flexible Solution for All Your Lifting Requirements

Modulift Spreader Beams provide the ultimate in flexibility and value. The system is suitable for a variety of jobs. Modulift Spreader Beams can be built quickly and cost-effectively and ensure a safe lift.

Pittsburgh, PA, October 01, 2008 --(PR.com)-- When Al Jaber was required to move a pressure vessel for an oil and gas company, they called on Modulift for their specialist knowledge and technology to help them ensure a safe lift. At 1250 tons, this load has catapulted Modulift into the super heavy weight lift market with their spreader beams and the range of products just keeps growing with global demand setting the pace.

With safety being of paramount importance, lifting equipment is strictly regulated to meet with all safety and design regulations and each Modulift Spreader Beam series has been proof load tested in the Modulift compression test lift. With this particular load being so great, the existing test rig was upgraded to be able to proof load test to the maximum safe working load and span and now has the capability to test up to 3000 tons making it the biggest testing rig of it’s kind in the world.

Whilst this spreader beam was made for a bespoke lift, it certainly won’t sit in the corner of a yard never to be seen again. The design of the modulift spreader is such that it can now go on to undertake many more lifts up to the same weight and by buying a full set of beams comprising of different lengths, Al Jaber have also got the flexibility for a range of spans within this.

Bespoke heavy lift requirements are becoming an every day request for Modulift and whilst in the Middle East ,the super heavy lifts are the norm, a request for a custom designed spreader beam which can lift wind turbine blades is just the latest example of what’s happening in Europe.

At the other end of the scale, Modulift’s latest product, the Quickjoint is capable of lifts up to 4 tons and creates new, easier work procedures with the ability to select, carry and use appropriate lifting equipment in machinery assembly, installation and maintenance. It’s latest requirement though was to help lift a hot tub over someone’s house for installation in the garden.

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