Out Now Dark Angel's Brand New CD "Tears"

A refreshing and inspirational instrumental CD; let your mind and body relax.

Perth, NY, September 10, 2008 --(PR.com)-- The much awaited CD from Dark Angel Tears has finally been released. The artist has been working in his home studio for 12 months to produce a sensational debut album. This CD holds a special place for Dark Angel as it is dedicated to the memory of his late father. The track Tears Forever was specially written for his father and will grow to be a great success. The emotions the artist went through whilst writing this album are conveyed beautifully through the music.

Dark Angel was Born in Kalgoorlie in Western Australia in 1973 and then grew up in a small town in the north of Western Australia. Small towns have their ups and downs, with not many music options. Dark Angel felt that "The town had nothing creative to offer me and so I never opened my mind and heart to music".

Dark Angel states that "Music was never high on my list of things I ever wanted to do when I was growing up, never really playing the radio, never watched Countdown or any of the music shows that were on T.V." The only songs Dark Angel knew were Country & Western music and Elvis which played in the family car as they traveled around Western Australia.

By the time Dark Angel was about 25 years old he was handed down a guitar that his Grandmother once owned. Dark Angel thought that "trying to play that axe was the hardest thing I ever attempted to do". It wasn't long before Dark Angel gave up trying, but his love in music was starting to grow.

It wasn't until February 2007 after attending a party did Dark Angel pick up a guitar again. As soon as his fingers strummed their first notes he knew from that moment on he was destined to be a musician and Dark Angel was born.

Dark Angel wrote his first song Tears Forever after an intense month without his guitar being far from his side. This song was dedicated to Dark Angel's late father who had passed away in 2004. After writing his first song he was inspired to complete a whole album called Tears.

Tears went through many changes both within the Lyrics and music, At times Dark Angel felt that he could never finish the album but after many months of dedication Tears came together in the end.

Dark Angel stated "Dark Angel was born so I could express my own music in my own style, away from the band scene. Recording my own original music and a few cover songs".

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