New Super Long Distance Heavy Duty Metal Mount Harsh Environment RFID UHF GEN 2 Tag

With the advent of the third generation of IC’s for RFID inlays SkyRFID releases their new super long distance, heavy duty, high temperature mount on metal tag. This new tag has an increased distance of 25% over the earlier Generation 2 IC’s and is suitable for harsh environments where it is difficult to obtain good RFID reads. With an IP rating of 67 or 68 this tag can withstand water depths of up to 42 meters.

Cambridge, Canada, September 09, 2008 --( SkyRFID announces their new UHF Gen 2 tag that uses the latest recently announced third generation of IC’s. This new tag is providing an enhanced distance of over 25% from the earlier generation 2 IC inlays reaching over 9 meters (over 30 feet). The new SkyRFID UHF Gen 2 tag is designed for rough and harsh service environments where you need an extended read distance, may encounter high temperatures of up to 125°C or 257°F and wet environments. The tag is made of clear UV stabilized polycarbonate and has a label surface area for a barcode and human readable should it be required. Sizing on the tag is 115.03 mm x 52.8 mm x 15.8 mm.

This tag can be riveted, bolted on or attached with epoxy or even double back adhesive tape. These tags are very attractively priced making them ideal for applications such as asset management, supply chain management, manufacturing and more. Since the tag has been designed to withstand water depths of 42 meters there are many potential marine or oil and gas applications for this new tag.

Options include custom encoding on the EPC numbers for ease of asset tracking plus you can even get an optional steel ball insert for detection by food processing equipment.

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