College Student Offers $1001 Reward

A freshman college student offers $1001 reward for anyone who can describe the best tip and/or strategy to making money online. Anyone can enter.

Fairfield Bay, AR, September 09, 2008 --( Shaun Connell, a freshman at Arkansas State University, announced earlier on Saturday that his new online resource "Make Money" is offering $1001 to anyone who can write the best tip for making money online. Anyone with a blog, website or even simple access to creating new pages on a content network can enter.

iCan Make Money founder Shaun Connell wants to give back to the community that his latest online business has generated. He says: "A competition is the perfect way of providing both an exciting and plentiful resource for those who have read Make Money's free tutorials. Many of the readers haven't made money online yet because they're just starting out; I'd feel honored to be someone's first source of online income."

Make Money was just recently launched in August of 2008. Founded to provide value and content for those hoping to simply build a profitable business, Make Money can be described as an anti-get-rich-quick scheme. Shaun explained, "Anyone who says you can make money quickly because of some 'opportunity' isn't to be trusted. There's no way to build wealth easily; making money takes incredibly hard work, both on and offline."

To celebrate the launch of the new resource, over a thousand dollars have been set aside to be given to be awarded to the winner of the new contest.

To enter the contest, simply write a post or an article on your website or blog on the topic of making money online. You can discuss affiliate marketing, advertisements, blogging; any topic is fine so long as it's about making money online. It can be as long or as short as you want; just make the point you want to make.

Once you finish the article, simply place a contextual link to at some place in the article. Don't forget this step, because otherwise there's no way to tell that the article was written for the contest. Once the article/post is published, email with a link to the new article. Put "Make Money Contest" in the subject line.

That's it. Your work is done.

There is no restriction for entering the contest. Even if you are a new blogger and are writing about gardening, you can enter. All submissions will be graded by the staff of Make Money, and will be judged on content and style.

The deadline for the contest is November 15th. The award money will be $1001 in prizes for every 500 posts, capped at $1001. This means if 250 enter the prize will be $500.50, and so on. So make sure to blog about the contest so more people will enter — you can end up doubling the amount given. The winner will be rewarded the competition money within one (1) week of the deadline.

For more information, check out the contest page: <>

About Make Money - iCan Enterprises is a new online-startup founded upon the philosophy that the best business model is the charitable one. The company firmly believes that giving back to customers and readers is never a bad business decision, but only reinforces the fact that the company is founded to help others, not only to make a profit. Learn more at

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