Colorado Couple Eliminates $35K in Debt with Coaching from Prosper

Prosper Inc., a distance education company in Utah, provides one-to-one coaching in several areas, including personal finance. With the help of their own personal coach, Val Sanchez and Holly Zempel have eliminated $35,000 in debt and expect to be debt-free by 2013.

Provo, UT, September 10, 2008 --( By applying the debt elimination techniques of bestselling author John Cummuta and the coaching involvement of Prosper Inc., Val Sanchez and Holly Zempel of Frederick, Colo., have eliminated nearly $35,000 in debt in just seven months.

“Holly and I felt we were always responsible with money, but both of us realized that the future moved quickly and neither one of us felt prepared for it. We had debt like everyone else so we didn’t think much of it,” Sanchez said. “We didn't struggle for money, we paid our bills even a little extra on most, but we wondered how we were going to make it to retirement and be able to live comfortably.”

Sanchez reports the couple had car and motorcycle debt, plus two mortgages. After hearing advertisements for Cummuta’s Transforming Debt Into Wealth program, the couple decided to get started in the program. “After starting, we immediately made changes in our way of thinking about spending and credit,” Zempel said. “We did not charge anything on our credit cards and have not used them since. We began paying off debt and using our money to the best advantage.”

Prosper combines the insights of Cummuta’s Transforming Debt Into Wealth program with a one-to-one coaching system that can help people like Sanchez and Zempel eliminate, rather than just “manage,” their debt. With the help of their personal coach, the couple has paid off the motorcycle loan, a personal debt, several credit cards, and a car loan. They expect to be completely debt free by July 2013.

“Since starting the program, and with Prosper’s help, we have seen our total debt drop by almost $35,000,” Sanchez said. “We have begun a bi-weekly payment plan on our mortgages and have changed things around to squeeze every penny out of every source that we can.”

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