Wienerdog Worried About Her Owner’s Job Loss, Launches Her Own Web Site

Shorty, a miniature Dachshund has launched her own web site, The web site includes a journal, a dog advice column and information on the health and care of Dachshunds.

Jacksonville, FL, September 10, 2008 --( Shorty, a miniature Dachshund concerned over her owner’s job loss and where her next dog treats are going to come from, has launched her own web site, The web site includes a journal of her exploits and a dog advice column. This web site is a bit whimsical but it includes little gems of real advice for dogs and their owners. A more serious section of the web site addresses the temperament and personalities of Dachshunds and their health issues.

Shorty’s owner is a casualty of the mortgage crisis, so in an effort to bring home the bacon dog treats, Shorty has Dachshund merchandise for sale. So far she has her own coffee cups, mouse pads, t-shirts and a laptop computer bag. She’s currently putting together more clothing offerings, calendars, dog bowls, dog t-shirts, license plate frames and more.

Celia Carson, webmaster

Celia Carson