99bytes Launched Version 1.6.1 of DVD to iPod/PSP Converter

The best just got better. Version 1.6.1 of the DVD to iPod/PSP Converter comes with new improvements and ready to provide hours of media enjoyment to all iPod and PSP fans out there who are searching for the most suitable software to convert video files.

Westchester, CA, September 11, 2008 --(PR.com)-- It's been a while since the last version of the DVD to iPod/PSP converter came out star blazing with the 5 star gold award from SoftLandMark and 99bytes always wanted to do more, to be better, to outreach their own levels. So version 1.6.1 for iPods and PSPs was just a matter of time until apparition. The company website can provide further information on just how good the last version was at http://www.99bytes.com .

The previous versions had a great deal of success because the number of fans for media gadgets, like iPods and PSPs, has kept increasing over time and with it, so have the problems regarding format compatibility, video and audio files conversions and so on. 99 bytes has offered a clean solution to such problems with the software it has created, namely the DVD to iPod/PSP Converter. It basically covers the main issue of format compatibility by supporting a large number of different formats for DVDs, including regional ones, like PAL or NTSC, regardless of their place of publication, be it Asia, Europe or America. The PSP also did not had a solution to this issue. With the 99bytes program for iPods, and also PSP, users have double compatibility when converting a single movie once and need not go through the effort of multiple conversions.

The best part there was to the previous version for iPods and PSPs, which the new one includes too of course, was the fact that the DVD to iPod/PSP was more than just a converter, it could handle movies that were not original, that were just copies on personal hard-drives, or plain ISO or Video_TS files. Apart from the fact that the converter sustains all major DVD formats, it actually saves the user the trouble of making previous conversions in order to obtain the proper format to fit in the iPod, or PSP. The DVD to iPod/PSP converter simply takes the movie it's been fed with, converts it through its software, and serves the finest quality enhanced and perfectly sized DVD for the iPod or PSP screen. The latest 1.6.1 version of the DVD to iPod/PSP Converter has the ability to convert a high quality “wide-screen” movie, from just a “normal screen” one. This is one of the major improvements that producers have incorporated into the new DVD to iPod/PSP Converter. Users have stated problems regarding “stretching”-related features when converting a movie. That is, when converting from a “normal screen” video to a “wide-screen” layout or viceversa, the software used to occasionally enforce an image “stretching” of the movie picture. Take for instance the PSP screen which is gameboard related so it has that wide stretched look. Normal videos would have looked terrible on it if it were not for the DVD to iPod/PSP converter. But this was cleverly sought out and resolved and now any type of resolution or layout desired for a video can be smoothly performed.

Some of the new features improved were also the layout and interactivity for the “Instant Help” feature, such as the temporary dialog boxes that displayed various suggestions, depending on the actions performed by the users at certain points. This adds up to the easy to use interface that has been a reason for praise for most users of the software. The DVD converter is extremely user-friendly and provides some really interesting editing features, like getting to choose chapter titles, modifying audio bit rate or video sample rate. This is especially helpful since iPods are really good organizers and users can skip to the preferred chapters of the DVD. Another improvement relates to the installation process on Windows Vista, so that the user does not need to manually run the software in Administrative mode anymore, the installer kit automatically does that now.

Although it started out just like an ordinary DVD converter for iPods and PSPs, the 99bytes DVD to iPod/PSP Converter has exceeded expectations and proved to be, with the constant help and interest of the producers, an unique tool on it's market segment that definitely does not fail the users. It is quite interesting to see just how this DVD converter will ever be out taken by something else, or maybe by other self future versions. The original 99bytes press release about the product can be found at http://www.99bytes.com/Pages/Press/DVD-PSP-iPod/2008-06-16-DVD-to-PSP-iPod-Video-Converter.aspx

Robert Dane