Poker Accessory and Apparel Website,, Goes All in for U.S. Troops

Orlando-based poker accessories and apparel company, DonkeyGear, is donating apparel to show their support for U.S. troops.

Orlando, FL, September 24, 2008 --( DonkeyGear, an online poker apparel store, is showing their support for the 101st Airborne division by sponsoring a poker tournament for the troops. The tournament, which began as the concept of Sergeant Gutierrez at COB Speicher, Iraq, started in May of 2006.

In the 2006 tournament, more than 2,000 soldiers participated. After finding themselves deployed to Afghanistan, Gutierrez is setting up the tournament again.

Since June over 1,000 soldiers, airmen, Marines and civilians have been participating each Sunday in the free tournament. The tournament began as an outlet for soldiers, so that they could come together for a couple hours each week without the burden of the stress of war, and instead enjoy talking and playing poker together.

The sponsors that have come on board are donating prizes that the soldiers and civilians can compete for. DonkeyGear is donating several of their shirts to show their support for the troops.

“We really appreciated what the troops are doing for us, we love showing them our support in anyway possible. We just want them to be safe and have fun”, said Vern, President of DonkeyGear.

The 101st stands as the Army's and world's only air assault division with unequaled strategic and tactical mobility, and is the division most in demand by combatant commanders. The 101st is unique in that it normally conducts operations 150 to 300 kilometers beyond the line of contact or forward-line-of-own-troops, requiring theater- and national-level intelligence support as a matter of course.

Established in the dawn of 2008, DonkeyGear is a poker apparel and accessories website that offers humorous poker products for all styles of playing poker, particularly the poker donkey. Their mascot, Jack, represents a formidable opponent at the poker table, but also the comedic nature that poker t-shirts and accessories tend to have.

Vern Toland