iUniverse Would Like to Announce the Release of Motion by Kristie K. McCrary

Bloomington, IN, September 11, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Enlightening essays in Motion will inspire women.

Kristie K. McCrary brings together women from all walks to life to share their purpose and passion in devotional book.

In Motion -- High Velocity Devotions, Kristie K. McCrary and twenty-seven other contributors share over fifty timeless essays about life and spiritual challenges.

Women share many of these challenges every day of their lives. From singleness to motherhood, life’s mishaps to overwhelming victories, they prove that with the proper spiritual insight their purpose and passion in life can be achieved.

McCrary is the founder and executive director of Velo, a community of young, progressive women who share a common bond to move forward with purpose and fulfill their God-given destinies. She has compiled essays that plunge into the heart of relevant issues, demonstrate how to navigate life through Bible verse and touch on topics that encourage reflection.

“The Weakest Link“, “A New Name“, “Shine” and “Dream-Chaser” are a few of the essays written by women for women. But each essay also leaves time for introspection on the part of the reader with a section called, What Say You? These are questions for the reader to think about after being moved by the personal story of the essay’s author and makes them think about how they can change their life for the better.

Motion -- High Velocity Devotions is a book for women who want to balance relevance and holiness in today’s world that tugs them from every direction. Visit McCrary and Velo online at www.velocyte.com.

About the author
Kristie K. McCrary, a graduate of Oral Roberts University, owned and operated a travel agency specializing in serving nonprofit organizations and ministries around the globe. She is now the founder and executive director of Velo, a community of Christian women dedicated to helping women fulfill their destinies. She is also the author, along with thirteen other contributors, of Velo52 -- High Velocity Devotions. Kristie resides in Dallas, Texas.

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