Noventri Creates Digital Environment at Morgan State University

State of the art student center requires like communications solutions that only Noventri could provide.

Smithsburg, MD, September 12, 2008 --( Morgan State University’s new state-of-the-art student center would not be complete without a means to visually and dynamically communicate with students and Morgan State chose to solve that issue by looking to Noventri Digital Signage for leading edge solutions that combine the ability to automate scheduling with student communications.

With the Noventri Digital Signage System, Morgan State is able to create and manage content on large displays that have been strategically located throughout the student center. Each meeting room is also additionally equipped with a small display that identifies the room and provides information about scheduled meetings Noventri Digital Signage is integrated with the University’s scheduling software so that meeting schedules are dynamically updated.

Noventri is a leader in the digital signage industry and offers turnkey solutions that are developed and manufactured exclusively by Noventri and, as it has for many other Mid-Atlantic and national firms, offers proprietary solutions for businesses and organizations for many varied markets.

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