Closet Works Reflects on a Successful 20 Years in the Closet Industry

Chicago Closet Organizers, Closet Works, has been in the closet business for two decades. From humble beginnings the company is now one of the largest in the Nation.

Chicago, IL, September 11, 2008 --( The 1980s marked the height of materialism in America. The hair was as big, and so were the shoulder pads -- appearances mattered. You were judged on the car you drove and the house you lived in. Money was spent, not saved.

Many businesses saw the opportunity to capitalize on consumer demand. Chicago closet companies became a source of a new boasting point -- an impressive closet to store those prized material possessions.

In 1987 Mike Carson set up a Chicago custom closets business, Closet Works. Instead of investing in imported closets, Closet Works initially offered a small range of Chicago custom closets from a manufacturing plant in Illinois.

“To think I started the business selling almost nothing but white laminate closets is amazing. It’s amazing because I am standing here today, 20 years later, as President of one of the most reputable Chicago closet companies that has customers all across the Chicagoland area,” reflects Carson.

As a small Chicago Closet business just starting up, Mike Carson knew that the longevity for his Chicago closet systems business lay not in 1980s aesthetic bravado but in the practical, time saving benefits that come only from supreme organization.

“There have been many shifts in the needs and wants of our customers over the past two decades. While some people still hire us to create that aesthetic wow factor, most people these days look to Closet Work’s Chicago closet systems to help them save time in their busy lives,” says Carson.

Meeting the needs of their customers Closet Works grew their range of Chicago closet systems to incorporate new finishes and styles, and organizational solutions for all around the home.

“Today, Closet Works is proud to offer an extensive array of solutions to our customers. We can customize closets in a range of different colors, woodgrains, and veneers at price points to suit any budget. We can also provide Chicago custom storage systems for any room of the house, whether it’s the pantry, laundry, garage, home office or any other room in need of organizing,” says Carson.

As well as expanding into different areas of the home, the Closet Works Company has expanded as a business.

“Naturally, as our sales grew, so did our need for staffing and manufacturing facilities. Today, closet works employs 18 full-time Chicago custom closet designers, 18 full-time closet installers, as well as numerous staff in our offices and on the shop floor. We also have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Elmhurst, IL,” states Carson.

Alleviating the stress caused by an unorganized home is what Closet Works has achieved over the past twenty years. They look forward to an increasingly successful twenty more.

Closet Works
Mike Carson