Setcom Enhances Its Waterproof Liberator Wireless Transmitter

The Leading Product in Police Motorcycle Communications, Setcom’s Liberator Wireless System Is Now More Waterproof and Can Support over 1,000 Riders.

Mountain View, CA, September 18, 2008 --( Setcom Corporation (, an industry leader in headset communications systems and accessories for police motorcycle officers, has significantly upgraded its Waterproof Liberator Wireless Transmitter. Further enhancing its status as the premier law enforcement motorcycle wireless communications system, the Liberator is now ready to ride in even wetter conditions and allow over 1,000 separate wireless connections.

Setcom introduced the first waterproof wireless communications system for police motorcycles in 2007 ( and has now taken it to the next level. Law enforcement officers ride motorcycles in a variety of inclement conditions which often involve exposing their communications equipment to significant amounts of moisture. With the great success of its first waterproof system, Setcom decided to make it even tougher and more rugged.

A significant amount of engineering resources were put behind making the handlebar transmitter enclosure and switch boot conform to the IP-X8 standard, which exceeds the previous rating of IP-X7. The IP-X8 rating is an international standard for rating the integrity of enclosures. IP-X8 for the Setcom system means that it can be held at a depth of 1 meter under water for one hour without significant water incursion.

In addition, Setcom increased the number of motor officers who can ride in close proximity without interference. The Setcom system now allows 1,024 simultaneous riders, which far exceeds the requirements of even the largest law enforcement motorcycle fleets in the world.

With over 20 years of experience designing wireless products, Design Engineer Steve Hall led Setcom’s upgrade of the product. He says, "We continue to strive to make the toughest gear in the market in order to withstand the harsh conditions in which police motor officers ride. Our customers are known to be riding in tropical down pours in south Florida, subfreezing temperatures in the Midwest, and intense heat in Arizona. Our equipment must stand up to all of that environmental punishment. Thus we took our portable-only wireless system up to the next level of ruggedness to increase officer safety.”

In addition to being protected against the elements, the Liberator System includes several other features. The primary benefits are increased freedom and ease of movement. In addition, by operating in the 900 MHz ISM frequency range, the system avoids the interference challenges associated with higher frequencies. Also, the system is backward compatible with Setcom’s existing helmet kits, saving departments money and upgrade hassles. Finally, the system draws the minimal power it requires from the portable radio battery, removing the need to recharge a secondary battery and eliminating a potentially dangerous failure point.

Setcom’s Waterproof Liberator Wireless System is currently available in “Portable Radio Only” configurations for most popular Motorola and M/A-COM portable radios. Complete features can be seen at

Setcom’s Liberator Wireless System is Patent Pending.

About Setcom Corporation
Setcom ( is a privately held company which designs, manufactures and sells communications systems and accessories for two-way radios. Setcom’s communication accessories markets include law enforcement motorcycles, fire apparatus, and the US military vehicles as well as certain industrial and commercial segments.

Setcom’s product portfolio includes police motorcycle helmet kits (, fire truck intercom systems (, industrial and ruggedized headsets (, ARFF apparatus intercom systems (, and mobile and portable radio headset interfaces (

Founded in 1970, Setcom has been a pioneer in its markets for 38 years. The company introduced the first commercialized communications system for a police motorcycle in 1970. Setcom is still the leader because it works with police officers to develop the kind of innovative, tailor-made products law officers depend on. Public safety professionals in all fifty states, most major US cities, and more than twenty countries worldwide rely on Setcom.


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