RNCOS Releases a New Report - China Telecom Analysis (2008-2012)

RNCOS has recently added a new Market Research Report titled, “China Telecom Analysis (2008-2012)” to its report gallery. The report provides extensive research on the rapidly growing telecom market in China.

Delhi, India, September 17, 2008 --(PR.com)-- RNCOS has recently added a new Market Research Report titled, “China Telecom Analysis (2008-2012)” to its report gallery. China owns the world’s largest telecommunication networks in terms of both network capacity and number of subscribers. As one of China’s core industries, the telecom industry has experienced double-digit growth for the past decade. The convergence of broadband telecom networks, digital TV networks, and the Internet, combined with the future deployment of 3G licenses in China, is expected to create tremendous opportunities for both domestic and foreign players in the telecom service industry. Also, the preparations for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing and the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai are expected to add on these developments, according to the report.

The report provides extensive research on the rapidly growing Chinese telecom market. It provides detailed analysis on the fixed-line telephony, mobile telephony, Internet, and broadband market in the country, coupled with its current performance and future prospects. The study looks at how telecom operators’ strategies and government support could be used to bridge the growing economic and social divide between rural and urban areas.

This report helps clients to have an insight into the domestic telecom market along with status of emerging technologies and future scenario, including subscribers growth, handset sales, market share, market penetration, opportunities, and roadblocks.

Key Findings

- Mobile subscriber base in China expanded by 18.7% in 2007 and is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 8% during 2008-2012.
- The eastern province dominates the China mobile market in terms of subscriber base; however, the future growth is expected to come from western and central province.
- Growth in PC ownership and broadband access will promote the further expansion of Internet users in coming few years, leading the Internet penetration rate to over 33% by 2012 end.
- The Mobile TV market is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of over 33% to cross 3 Billion Yuan by 2011 end.
- China’s telecom value-added service market is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 27% till 2012, of which Mobile value-added service will account for 95%.
- Online gaming market is anticipated to surpass CAGR of 55% in coming few years.

Key Issues

- What is the current scenario of the China telecom market?
- What are the emerging trends and technologies in the market?
- What is the market share of urban/rural telecom market in China?
- How lucrative is the Chinese telecom market for domestic and foreign players?
- What are the various opportunities emerging for the China telecom market?
- How value-added services and handset manufacturing markets are emerging as huge opportunity in China?
- Which states/provinces have greater potential of growth in China?
- Which factors should be addressed for smooth growth and development of the market?
- Who are the key players in China telecom market?

Research Methodology Used

Information Sources
Information has been sourced from books, newspapers, trade journals, and white papers, industry portals, government agencies, trade associations, industry news and developments and through access to more than 3000 paid databases.

Analysis Methods
The analysis methods include ratio analysis, historical trend analysis, linear regression analysis using software tools, judgmental forecasting and cause and effect analysis.

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