Wolf Frameworks Announces the Public Beta Launch of Its OnDemand Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Public Beta Launch of the world’s first XML based Business Definition & Designing Platform for SME’s & ISV’s to design, deliver & use their required software applications over the internet without writing technical code - using standard web browser.

Bangalore, India, September 17, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Wolf Frameworks today released its OnDemand business definition and designing platform for Beta users at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, Barcamp session. Targeted to extend the power of designing & delivering business software’s to business users using standard browser, tapping into large market opportunities, Wolf PaaS plans to bring many customer centric OnDemand SaaS applications to the market.

Founded in 2006, Wolf is a platform for innovation in business applications. Offered on the web as a service, the framework allows business analyst, web savvy business users & software developers to define, design, and distribute/use custom business applications with simple point and click user interface, without worrying about computing power – slow internet connection – software to install - storage or technical skills. As a complete next generation cloud computing platform, software is delivered automatically while users only need to worry about system design, click and drop entities, add navigation, add users & make English like statements to add business rules. No script or programming required.

Unlike other RAD Platforms (Rapid Application Development platform) on the internet, Wolf PaaS is introducing a very disruptive means to design interoperable business software for the next generation. The platform separates software code from business design for each business application and keeps its state, entities and other details such as business rules, relationships in XML format, creating zero dependency on technical code when Wolf users want to upgrade or add functionality to their applications. Using the groundbreaking high level English like XML schema (WBRX), Wolf is currently empowering business users to see, understand and extract their business application formulae in XML. Not just readability of a business design from software code, but all Wolf based software applications can save their business data in their own secured hosted database.

"Our own internal business applications, such as the Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Library Management, Workspace, Support Mgmt and partner applications such as Time & Billing, Defect Tracker, Insurance claim, etc have all been developed in record time within days with business definition knowledge & zero programming expertise. We assure a saving of more than 75% of time/cost in new software development and delivery cycle." said Ralph Vaz, Founder and CTO of Wolf Frameworks.

"Restricting innovative ways & enforcing strict technical skills to build software’s will only cripple our collaborative ability to create winning proposition for our customers together and give birth to the next set of killer applications for the world. We offer Wolf Business Solutions Platform for SMEs to be more efficient-productive& to lower cost of ownership in compared to traditional software and enable our partners to bring innovative ideas to the market within days & weeks"said Sunny Ghosh, joined recently as the Director and CEO for Wolf Frameworks.

Interested Beta users can get started with Wolf Platform-as-a-Service Free starter service and secure discounted pricing & promotional keys right away. For all official users belonging to the Press, Media houses, Online Journals and Publications – Wolf PaaS service is made free for their own use.

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