Informative Research Announces Its Suite of Mortgage Portfolio Credit Review Tools

Informative Research, a leading provider of mortgage credit information nationwide, announced a new suite of Portfolio Credit Review analytic tools aimed at giving mortgage investors and servicers greater insight into future loan performance or revenue opportunities within their own mortgage portfolios.

Garden Grove, CA, September 18, 2008 --( Developed in response to increasing scrutiny on mortgage loan performance, Informative Research’s new service provides deep credit data and risk analytics to help assess payment risk, mitigate losses, increase loan retention or aid collection. The service is flexible, returning any combination of credit scores only, full credit reports (single bureau), or custom credit attributes requests from any of over four hundred selectable elements.

With Portfolio Credit Review, clients submit large batch credit data requests and get results in as few as three business days. Prior to processing, Informative Research consults with each client, tapping its 62+ years of credit information management experience, to assure the data are optimized. Unlike a traditional credit report, these analytics are requested as ‘soft inquiries’ so as not to negatively impact the borrower’s inquiry count or credit score.

Informative Research is launching its services with an aggressive volume-based pricing structure. According to Tony D’Eccliss, Senior Vice President of Sales for Informative Research, Portfolio Credit Review is an increasing essential for investors and servicers in today’s cautious mortgage market.

“Investors are evermore focused on individual loans in their portfolio.” said D’Eccliss, “Gone are the days when portfolio risk was measured in broad brushstrokes. Proactive loan management now means constantly revaluating the specifics and performance of every loan, and asking – ‘has anything in my borrower’s credit changed and how might that impact future performance?”

“Our Portfolio Credit Review tools really get at these issues, loan-by-loan,” D’Eccliss added, “from a full credit report for every mortgage in the portfolio, to specific score models or any number of credit record attributes. We even have a model that predicts current income. As the industry recovers from the mortgage meltdown, Informative Research is excited to offer a suite of tools to help investors prioritize their efforts and get back on track.”

By introducing its new Portfolio Credit Review tools, Informative Research hopes to continue positioning itself as a premier mortgage information partner for its existing servicing and investor clients, working together to find prosperity in a difficult market.

Said D’Eccliss, “Helping our customers assess borrower risk is the core of our business. With Portfolio Credit Review tools we now have significant analytic services that can give investors insights to optimize performance of their own portfolios.”

Further information on Portfolio Credit Review tools can be obtained by contacting Informative Research at (800) 473-4633 x150.

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