Informative Research Announces Its Suite of Mortgage Portfolio Credit Review Tools

Informative Research, a leading provider of mortgage credit information nationwide, announced a new suite of Portfolio Credit Review analytic tools aimed at giving mortgage investors and servicers greater insight into future loan performance or revenue opportunities within their own mortgage portfolios. - September 18, 2008

RatePro Loan Program and Pricing Engine Helps Mortgage Originators Stay Profitable

Informative Research has introduced RatePro, a comprehensive loan program and pricing engine, in an effort to help mortgage originators prosper in an increasingly challenging market. Powered by industry-leading technology, RatePro accurately scans over sixteen hundred wholesale loan rate sheets... - August 01, 2008

Provident Funding Broadens Re-Issue, Reach Through Informative Research

In a move to broaden credit re-issue capabilities and reach an expanded audience of originators, Provident Funding has joined forces with mortgage credit information provider Informative Research. - May 04, 2008

Credit Advantage Puts Scores, Tools Front and Center

Credit reports issued by Informative Research include a new feature that lets mortgage originators instantly view the most critical borrower score information and access credit score improvement tools. - March 15, 2008

Svedberg Named to Western SVP Spot at Informative Research

Dawn Svedberg, a former Vice President for Countrywide Home Loans, has been named to the position of Senior Vice President of National Sales at Informative Research. - March 15, 2008

Reverse Mortgage Credit Report Helps Originators Get Ahead

Informative Research has introduced a new credit report designed exclusively for reverse mortgage originations. The first of its kind in the industry, the report provides a mix of borrower credit and property information that can help reverse mortgage professionals “fast-forward” to a more streamlined closing. - March 12, 2008

Susie Phillips Named to VP Role at Informative Research

Susie Phillips, a former executive at Countrywide Home Loans, has joined Informative Research as the company’s Vice President of Strategic Planning and Business Development. - January 30, 2008

Informative Research Exceeds 20 Million Fannie Mae Transactions

Informative Research, a provider of credit and mortgage-related information to loan origination professionals nationwide, has successfully completed more than 20 million Fannie Mae transactions. - January 01, 2008

Acceptance Capital Names Informative Research "Preferred Provider"

Acceptance Capital Mortgage Corporation has named Informative Research as its newest preferred provider of credit and mortgage-related information for residential loan originations. This new business alliance between Acceptance Capital, a national mortgage services firm headquartered in Spokane,... - December 09, 2007

Informative Research to Launch OriginatorDirect™ Mortgage Application

A new Web-based mortgage information application scheduled for release early next year promises to give credit reporting agencies and wholesale lenders an alternative to costly technology connections and unwieldy "out of the box" software packages. - November 11, 2007

Informative Research Introduces New Spanish Report Feature

Informative Research has introduced a new online feature that allows mortgage professionals to view credit reports in Spanish. The feature is available at no additional cost with regular credit report orders, and it can be accessed through the company's Website. The new Spanish report feature,... - November 10, 2007

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