Latest Modern Fashion Trend: Spiritual Jewelry. Perfect Fit for Health, Yoga, Meditation, and Spiritual Fashion Enthusiasts.

Fashion jewelry trends have shifted from gaudy attention-getter glitz and glamor, with a stronger emphasis being placed on spirituality and self expression, and Inner Voice Designs is leading the charge with their new line of Sterling Silver Rings and Sterling Silver Pendants.

Murfreesboro, TN, September 17, 2008 --( Modern jewelry designs aren’t keeping up with our modern lifestyle, or connecting with the hearts and souls of women today…but Inner Voice Designs is about to change that with a brand new line of beautiful Sterling Silver Rings and Sterling Silver Pendants.

Inner Voice Designs is looking to fill the void of creativity, passion, and unique quality that is missing from jewelry today. Artist/Designer Kelly Defernez has quickly expanded her Jewelry from a local level to a national level with the release of her website

Inner Voice Designs jewelry is made for more than just fashion. The designs are crafted with creativity, compassion and love to connect with your individual spirit, such as Swirling Lotus Ring, Meditation Lotus Pendant, Peace Ring, Sacred Om Ring, and her very popular “Anything is Possible” series that features With Faith, With Hope, and With Love combinations, all designed in Sterling Silver and available for wholesale.

Kelly's designs are meant as a reminder to have some fun with life, be happy, be thankful, and most importantly enjoy everything that you are blessed with.

Inner Voice Designs
Kelly Defernez