TimeStream Software's New Sheraton Maui Notescast Invents New Use for the iPod - an Interactive Mobile Marketing Tool

TimeStream Software's New Notescast for iPod extends the content of an account's web site beyond the PC and into customers' mobile lives. Now customers can access an account's web site content on their iPods right in the palm of their hands wherever they go and whenever they want, even when well out of range of a cell phone signal or Internet access.

Portland, OR, September 17, 2008 --(PR.com)-- TimeStream Software, the leading developer of Notescast titles for the iPod, announces the ground-breaking release of a new 81 page Notescast title for the award-winning Sheraton Maui Resort.

"It's an exciting new way to use your iPod." said Mike Westby of TimeStream Software. "Imagine enjoying the sun on Ka'anapali Beach, well out of range of a cell phone signal or Internet access and immediately calling up a wealth of interactive information, complete with photos, on your iPod to plan your next day's schedule or perhaps review restaurants for that evening's dinner."

Guests can now download the same vacation planning and Maui activities content found on the Sheraton Maui Resort web site to their iPod Classics, Videos and Nanos to access on their iPods in the palm of their hands anywhere they go, even if they're well out of range of a cell phone signal or Internet access.

The new Sheraton Maui Notescast installs within the iPod's Notes feature and allows guests to scroll through 81 interactive pages of descriptions copy and information, all linked to related photos. Categories include Room Descriptions and Rates, Room Photos and Maps, Dining & Entertainment, Meeting Facilities, Romance & Weddings, Planning Your Visit, Special Offers, Activities & Calendar, Golfing and much more.

As an innovative new mobile marketing, brand interaction and reservation tool, it gives the Sheraton Maui Resort access to an all new customer channel involving an estimated over 100 million iPod users.

The new Sheraton Maui Notescast may be downloaded to your iPod free of charge from the Sheraton Maui web site at http://www.sheraton-maui.com/notescast.htm

About Notescast Titles

TimeStream Software's Notescast titles install to the Notes feature of the iPod and contain up to 1,000 pages of interactive copy embedded with links to related photos, video, audio and more.

Custom Notescast titles can be developed for any industry, including travel, sports teams, entertainment, broadcasting, hotels & resorts, merchandise, automotive, theme parks, online products, web sites and more.

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About TimeStream Software

TimeStream Software is the leading developer of Notescast titles for the iPod. Its Notescast mobile marketing and brand interaction product allows accounts to extend the content of their web sites beyond the PC and out into users' mobile lives to be immediately accessed on their iPods in the palm of their hands wherever they go, whenever they want.

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